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Dual Career Assistance Policy

Expresses the campus' ability to offer placement advice and assistance whenever feasible and appropriate for candidates.

Policy Information

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Human Resource Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    SUNY College at Plattsburgh acknowledges the importance of attracting and retaining a quality workforce and supporting dual career couples for long-range benefits to the College. We offer placement advice and assistance whenever feasible and appropriate. SUNY College at Plattsburgh does not guarantee or promise employment to job seekers.

    Providing Information

    SUNY College at Plattsburgh includes this notice of dual career assistance on our website stating that we are an EEO/AA employer responsive to dual career couples. The Employee Assistance Program will also have information available for referrals for current employees.  Search committees cannot legally ask potential hires about their partners. However, Hiring Authorities should provide information to all potential hires regarding Dual Career Assistance. Equal Employment Opportunity policies dictate that inquiries will not influence hiring or promotion decisions. Human Resource Services will provide the Dual Career Assistance Guidelines to all finalists upon request.


    The spouse or domestic partner of any candidate for a position at SUNY College at Plattsburgh is eligible for Dual Career Assistance Services. In addition, these services are available at any time to the partner of any SUNY College at Plattsburgh employee. 

    Types of Employment Opportunities for the Partner

    A complete list of open positions on campus is available on the Human Resource Services website (see Appendix). The customary types of employment include:

    1. Academic
      1. Adjunct teaching (per course) opportunities. (Note: There is often a demand for on-line courses; training in the use of the appropriate system is provided.)
      2. Visiting positions (usually one year, full-time appointments)
      3. Full-time positions
    1. Non-Academic (Professional)
      1. Temporary or Term positions
      2. Part-time or full-time positions 
    1. Classified. 
      1. These positions are usually competitive and require completion of the New York State Civil Service Exam; full-time and part-time positions in clerical/maintenance/service.

    Monitoring and Oversight

    The Affirmative Action Officer in cooperation with Human Resource Services will regularly collect and provide information on dual career requests and request outcomes to monitor the effectiveness of these guidelines in recruitment, retention, and enhancing diversity.  SUNY College at Plattsburgh recognizes the value of promoting opportunities for dual career partners and has established these guidelines to assist dual career couples. We cannot guarantee employment for anyone following these guidelines.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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