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Emeriti Retiree Privileges Policy

Explains how the campus will comply with Article XV, Title D of the Board of Trustees Policies.

Policy Information

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4011.1 Human Resource Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    SUNY Plattsburgh acknowledges the work of its employees in carrying out the mission of the organization. In recognition of the hard work and dedication of those employees who have spent their careers (or a substantial portion thereof) in loyal service to the college, its students, and the taxpayers of the State, and retire in good standing from their employment with the College, the following shall apply.

    As specified in Article XV, Title D of the Board of Trustees Policies, all members of the University faculty who retire in good standing shall be entitled to append the term “Emerita/Emeritus” to their academic or administrative title. All academic and administrative Emeriti, and all other retirees not covered by Article XV, but who nonetheless retire in good standing, shall be entitled to the privileges and benefits enumerated in the Employee Policy and Procedure Covering Retirees/Emeriti.

    Emeriti/Retiree Privileges

    1. Offices: Emeriti/retirees must vacate their office within in one month of the semester that coincides with their retirement. The college provides a central facility on campus where emeriti/retirees can gather and do work. This facility is equipped with lounge furniture, some office furniture, and some computing facilities and is open during the college’s regular business hours.
    2. Laboratories and Studios: In most circumstances, emeriti/retirees are not able to retain laboratory and studio facilities in retirement. Arrangements for use of such facilities may be made on a semester-to-semester basis by agreement with the dean. Emeriti/retirees use of laboratories, studios, and other college facilities must follow college safety and lab use protocols.
    3. Contact Information: Emeriti/retirees must have their professional U.S. mail and any shipments directed to their personal mailing address in retirement. It is important that emeriti/retirees notify the college of changes in their mailing addresses in a timely manner. Emeriti/retirees can retain their campus e-mail address.
    4. Library Access and Borrowing: Emeriti/retirees retain all library privileges, including interlibrary loan privileges and online access to all databases.
    5. Computer Systems, Hardware and Software: In addition to retaining their campus e-mail address, emeriti/retirees can retain/create a personal campus web presence using such technologies as the campus makes available. Emeriti retirees cannot:
      1. have a campus computer assigned to them;
      2. participate in the software home licensing program;
      3. borrow computers from the college;
      4. create or maintain sites on the campus learning management system.
    6. Technology Assistance: Emeriti/retirees can:
      1. enroll in the Cardinal Computer Care Service for faculty/staff to service their personal computers;
      2. attend technology workshops on a space-available basis;
      3. use computers on campus.
    7. Directory: Emeriti/retirees will be listed yearly in the campus directory.
    8. Adjunct Employment: Emeriti/retirees serving as adjunct employees will have the same privileges and receive the same services as any other adjunct employee.
    9. Fitness Center and Other Recreational Facilities: Emeriti/retirees are eligible to enroll at the same rates as non-retired members of the college community.
    10. Parking: Emeriti/retirees are entitled to purchase a hang tag through University Police.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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