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Peer to Peer (P2P) Policy

Expresses how the campus will respond to digital copyright infringement, as peer to peer protocols are not supported on campus.

Policy Information

Policy Number Policy Owner
10017.1 Information Technology Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    SUNY Plattsburgh does not support the P2P protocols on its college network. If digital copyright infringement (using P2P technology) is identified by an outside agent, the following actions will occur.

    For Students:

    1. The student assigned that port will be sent a violation notice, both in hard copy and email notifying them of copyright infringement. 
    2. The student will be required to bring the machine to the computer Help Desk to have illegal files and the P2P software removed; in the case of a student who does not currently have a service contract with the Help Desk they will have to purchase a maintenance contract.  
    3. If the student has not responded to the violation notice within two weeks from the time that the notification is sent, or if this is a second, or subsequent, infringement notice, network access will be disabled and the matter will be referred to Judicial Affairs.

    For Faculty & Staff:

    1. The supervisor of the person assigned to that port will be notified by phone (or if unreachable within a working day, by email) that the campus has received a copyright infringement notice.  
    2. The person assigned that port will be sent a violation notice, both in hard copy and email, notifying them of the violation.  
    3. A computer services staff member will be dispatched to the site of the port to remove illegal files and disable the P2P software.

    Policy for Legitimate File Sharing

    While P2P file sharing is the most prevalent and often the most efficient mechanism to download large files, there are other file sharing protocols, such as HTTP and FTP that can achieve the same goals.  However, if there is a legitimate reason for a student to use P2P, he/she use the protocol at designated computers at the Helpdesk.  Individual faculty may arrange to use P2P from their assigned offices only.

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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