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Desk & Cellular Telephone Use Policy

Expresses the college's goal to provide telecommunications service to support the operations of the college and related activities.

Policy Information

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3001.2 Information Technology Services


  • 4.0 Policy

    It is the policy of the College to provide telecommunications service to support the operations of the college and related activities.  Requests for changes in telephone service should be made on the Telephone Service Request Form (see Forms) and signed by the appropriate department head.  Forms and technical assistance are available, upon request, from the Telecommunications Office ( x7975 ). 

    Desk Telephone Policy

    Departments are sent a monthly itemization for all long distance and local telephone calls placed on campus.  Off-campus local calls are charged at a local message unit rate and are listed on the monthly telephone bill.

    In May 1992, the Executive Council approved making personal billing numbers (PBNs) mandatory for all SUNY Plattsburgh administrative telephone accounts.  PBNs must be used for all off-campus telephone calls, and will be assigned for both business and personal calls.  All employees are required to fill out an 'Acknowledgement of Desk and Cellular Telephone Use Policy' form (see Forms) as mandated by SUNY Systems Administration. 

    A business PBN will show call detail on the departmental bill, and a personal PBN will show call detail on a separate bill that will be sent directly to the employee.  A monthly usage bill will be provided to each employee who has been assigned a personal PBN.  The employee is responsible for reviewing the monthly usage bill and must reimburse SUNY Plattsburgh for personal calls.

    Charges appearing on the personal telephone bill should be paid directly to the Telecommunications Office.  Payment is due 30 days from the billing date.  A 5% penalty will be applied for past due balances over 30 days. 

    All faculty, staff, and students will also be assigned a personal voice mailbox number that may be automatically forwarded to the campus voicemail system on ring no answer or busy conditions.  All new and saved messages will be automatically purged every 21 days for faculty/staff

    It is the faculty/staff member's responsibility to notify the Telecommunications Office when they leave College service so their PBN and voice mailbox can be disabled.  It is a campus policy not to write refund checks for credit balances on removed accounts under $5.01. 

    Departments are responsible for telephone equipment issued, and if stolen or damaged, it will be replaced at equipment replacement cost.  If equipment is stolen, it should be reported to both the Telecommunications Office and the Office of University Police.

    The Telecommunications Office, in addition to telephone service, also offers employees personal fax and copying service.

    Any questions regarding telephone service or repair can be made by calling the Telecommunications Office in Saranac Hall (7975).

    Cellular Telephone Policy

    This policy describes the assignment, use and management of cellular telephones by employees at SUNY Plattsburgh.  SUNY Plattsburgh provides for the use of cellular telephones for those individuals whose duties and responsibilities require immediate or remote communications capabilities.

    The assignment of cellular telephones must be approved by a designated departmental head and should be only to employees whose duties and responsibilities require immediate communications capabilities.  The designated department head must review the assignment of all cellular telephones at least annually to assure compliance with this policy.

    A current inventory of all cellular telephones must be maintained and shall include telephone numbers, along with the name of each employee to whom a unit has been assigned.

    Each employee assigned a cellular telephone shall be primarily responsible for the security and maintenance of the unit, and must immediately report the theft, loss or vandalism of the unit.

    Assigned cellular telephones should be used for official business related activities.  Personal use of an assigned unit shall be occasional, incidental, or for emergencies only.

    A monthly usage bill will be provided to each employee assigned a cellular telephone.  The employee is responsible for reviewing the monthly usage bill and must reimburse SUNY Plattsburgh for personal calls.

    All employees assigned a cellular telephone must review and highlight all personal calls on the bill and return it to the Telecommunications Office for processing.  Charges for personal calls will appear on the employee's personal bill on the following month and a corresponding credit will also appear on the administrative account.  Currently, personal calls are charged back at the rate of $.25 per minute.  However, after recent review of the many calling plans and costs, it has been decided that employees will now pay $.25 per minute not to exceed the Monthly Access Charge.  If the number of minutes exceeds the cost of the Monthly Access Charge, employees will only be responsible for the Monthly Access Charge and no additional per minute costs.  (Employees are still responsible for highlighting all of their personal calls regardless of whether they pay for each per minute call or the total Monthly Access Charge.)

    The responsibility for assigned cellular telephones cannot be transferred to another employee.  When an employee to whom a cellular telephone has been assigned terminates employment, the unit must be returned to The Telecommunications Office, in appropriate working condition, prior to the employee's last day at work.

    Any employee assigned a cellular telephone who fails to comply with the campus cellular telephone policy may have their telephone privileges suspended or revoked and may be subject to disciplinary action.

    Cellular Telephone Use While Driving

     By Executive Order to all state agencies, the Governor has directed that employees shall not use hand-held mobile telephones while operating state or personal motor vehicles on public highways when conducting state business.

    State University of New York Acknowledgement of Desk and Cellular Telephone Use Policy

    Users of State University-owned desk and cellular telephones must read, understand, and comply with the State University's Desk and Cellular Telephone Policy.  By using the telephone, you agree to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies of the State University and any applicable local, state, federal and international laws, guidelines, and regulations.  This responsibility exists regardless of what monitoring mechanisms may be in place.  Violation of these policies may lead to suspension or loss of service or privileges, and may lead to more serious sanctions.

    Do not consider desk or cellular telephones private or secure because the bill contains your name and billing address.  The State University has the right to monitor telephone bills and usage to determine if misuse or abuse exists.

    Users must review their desk and cellular telephone bills and remit reimbursements for any personal calls at the end of each month.  Payments made payable to Plattsburgh State Telecommunications for desk/cellular telephone reimbursements should relate to the monthly period for which the reimbursement applies.

    Desk or cellular telephones may not be used to defame, harass, intimidate or threaten any other person(s).

    Do not allow others to use your desk/cellular telephone, as you will be ultimately responsible for payment of charges.

    Agreement with Desk and Cellular Telephone Use Policy

    I have read and understand the State University’s desk and cellular telephone use policy. By signing this form, I agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies set forth therein, and to all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws. Violation of these policies may lead to suspension or loss of service or privilege, and may lead to disciplinary action.

    This form can be obtained from Acknowledgement of Desk and Cellular Telephone Use Policy (See Forms)

For additional information about this policy, please contact the Policy Owner listed above.

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