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Faculty Senate

For information regarding the next meeting, please visit the Faculty Senate Community Website.


Roles and Responsibilities include:

  • Consult and/or make recommendations to the College President regarding any matters affecting Faculty or the College except matters exclusive to UUP
  • Formulate or review all major statements (existing or proposed) of philosophy and objectives of the College
  • Receive and/or approve/reject reports
  • Formulate and review academic policies
  • Participate in initiation, development and implementation of the College's instructional, research and service programs
  • Approves changes to existing academic programs and approves new academic programs
  • Consult with College Council on appointment of the College President
  • Meet once a month during the academic year

Duties include:

  • Meet with President
  • Appoint faculty to standing or ad-hoc committees
  • Appoint individuals for faculty representation on non-senate committees when requested
  • Act for Faculty Senate when senate is not in session
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