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We celebrate the scholarship, projects and accomplishments of our talented and diverse arts and sciences faculty.

Current Celebrations


Aimée Baker

Lecturer, Department of English

  • The essay “Beasts of the Fields,” which was published February 2021 in Guernica, was selected to be in an anthology about lyric essays, A Harp in the Stars: An Anthology of Lyric Essays. Edited by Randon Billings Noble and published by University of Nebraska Press, the anthology will be out in October 2021.

Dr. Karina Ckless

Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • Ckless, K.; Sunasee, R. Chapter 19 – Mitochondria-Targeted Drugs and Immune Function. In Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Nanotherapeutics; Oliveira, M. R. de, Ed.; Academic Press, 2021; pp 499–524. https://doi.org/10.1016/B978- 0-323-85666-9.00006-1.

Dr. Mustafa Demir

Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice

  • Mustafa Demir (2021). Police perceptions of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by type of police agency, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, DOI: 10.1080/18335330.2021.1962956

Dr. Beth Dixon

Professor & Chair, Department of Philosophy

  • 2020 International Conference on Food Studies; Panel presentation by Beth Dixon, Meredith Abarca, and Tatiana Abatemarco. “Ethics, Applied Humanities, and Food Studies.” October 12, 2020.


Diane Fine

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Art

Currently showing twelve prints in Ink on Paper: A Letterpress Showcase an international, invitational exhibition for letterpress printers and artists at Great Park Gallery, The Palm Court Arts Complex, Irvine CA.

  • Sunday, April 4 – Sunday, June 13, 2021

Dr. Arzu Gul

Lecturer, ESL Program, Department of English

Dr. Shawna Mefferd Kelty

Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Theatre

Sue Lezon

Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Art

Participated in group exhibitions at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene, Texas.

  • October 24 – December 11, 2020

Dr. Stephen Light

Professor, Department of Sociology

  • “Incarceration and the Failure of Opioid Addiction Treatment in the United States.” Contemporary Sociology 49 (6), November 2020: 487-491. (Invited Review Essay).

Dr. Justin Lowry

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

  • Castillo, M. N., Lowry, J. P., & Paling, J. S. (2020). Testing the Waters: Tzeltal Maya Rituals, Reconnaissance, and Survey of Lakes in the Lacanhá Basin, Chiapas, Mexico. Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 15(4), 451-474.

Dr. John McMahon

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

  • Crandall, E., Brown, R. and McMahon, J. “Magicians of the Twenty-First Century: Utopia, Work, and Domination in Silicon Valley,” Theory & Event 24 (3), 841-873
  • Issar, S., Brown, R., and McMahon, J. “Rosa Luxemburg and the Primitive Accumulation of Whiteness.” In Creolizing Rosa Luxemburg, ed. Drucilla Cornell and Jane Anna Gordon, Rowman & Littlefield

Dr. Sam Northshield

Professor, Department of Mathematics

  • “Topographs; Conway and otherwise”, Fibonacci Quarterly 58 (2020), no. 5, 172–189.

Dr. Sandra Rezac

Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Sociology

  • April 2021 recipient of the Ram Chugh/Senate Outstanding Service Award. “The Ram Chugh/Senate Outstanding Service Award is conferred by the SUNY University Faculty Senate Executive Committee. Nominees for the award must have achieved a reputation for outstanding service in the area of faculty governance at the System and Campus levels. Consideration will be given for a sustained level of commitment for a minimum of five years.” More information about the Ram Chugh/Senate Outstanding Service Award.

Dr. Scott Reznick

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Dr. Jonathan Slater

Professor & Chair, Department of Journalism & Public Relations

  • Dr. Jonathan Slater (journalism and public relations) was the invited speaker at this fall’s BMP Rotating Lecture Program in Canadian Studies. Slater delivered a webinar, Marshall McLuhan, the Man Behind Québec’s October Crisis?, to audiences at Bridgewater State University and McGill University.

Dr. Rajesh Sunasee

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • Pacherille, A.; Tuga, B.; Hallooman, D.; Dos Reis, I.; Vermette, M.; Issack, B.B.; Rhyman, L.; Ramasami, P.; Sunasee, R*. “BiCl3-Facilitated Removal of Methoxymethyl-Ether/Ester Derivatives and DFT Study of -O-C-O- Bond Cleavage,” New Journal of Chemistry, 2021, 45, 7109–7116. DOI: 10.1039/d1nj00449b 

Dr. Kelly Theisen

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

  • SUNY Plattsburgh Center for Teaching Excellence presentation: “How to Help Students Reframe Academic Anxiety by Cultivating a Growth Mindset.” (Sept. 2020).

Dr. Jose Torres

Professor, Department of English

Oct. 2020 — The Los Angeles Review of Books and the University of California, Riverside, has awarded Dr. Jose Torres the inaugural Tomás Rivera Book Prize for “an author whose work examines the long and varied contributions of Chicanx/Latinx in the United States.” Read full press release here.


More to Explore

Our faculty and students are active and engaged. From regular colloquies hosted by the Institute for Ethics in Public Life, to tantalizing exhibitions at our Plattsburgh State Art Museum, to groundbreaking research at the Lake Champlain Research Institute, we invite you to explore all arts and sciences has to offer.

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