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Gender & Women’s Studies Department

With challenging courses, accomplished and accessible faculty, exciting extracurricular events, and a range of opportunities for students to participate in teaching and research, our students are among the best and most active on campus.

We Will Open a Whole New World for You!

Women and men are invited to major or minor, or satisfy your general education requirements with our courses

What Is Gender & Women’s Studies?

Gender and women’s studies explores gender across disciplines, and asks the question: “How does gender, as it intersects with race, class, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and nationality affect people’s lives?”

For over 30 years, the gender and women’s studies program has been asking and answering this question, critiquing traditional disciplines for their lack of attention to gender and supplying needed research to fill in the gaps.

Gender and women’s studies not only brings new perspectives to anthropology, history, sociology, literary analysis and other fields, but it also puts theory into practice.

Gender and women’s studies students and faculty continue learning about the gendered worlds we live in and acting on issues of social justice. We help actively rethink women’s pasts, enact our ongoing struggles and envision possible futures.

Gender & Women’s Studies Forum

Celebrating More Than 35 Years at SUNY Plattsburgh

Gender and Women’s Studies forum, established in 1981, began as a monthly speaker series held in the Angell College Center. Over the course of 37 years, we have featured students, faculty, professionals, community activists, visiting artists, musicians and scholars. Today, the forum has evolved into a combination of sharing of scholarship presentations featuring noted faculty and community members, as well as a special events series featuring nationally and internationally renowned speakers.

Recent guests were photographer Ellen Eisenman, internationally recognized feminist, international relations scholar Cynthia Enloe and world famous activist for transgender issues Leslie Feinberg.

Please contact Dr. Connie Oxford at [email protected] for information about this semester’s schedule.

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