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Faculty Directory

The gender & women’s studies program currently has core teaching faculty, and many teaching associates across the college.

Teaching associates teach courses in their home departments or, occasionally, they teach the core gender and women’s studies offerings.

This eclectic group comprises award-winning teachers, professionals ranging from the Chief of University Police to human resource associates and adult learning coordinators, and community members interested in gender & women’s studies. We come together to make the gender & women’s studies program work for you!

Gender & Women’s Studies Chair

Portrait of Susan ModyDr. Susan L. Mody

Chair, Associate Professor
Office: Redcay Hall 143
Phone: 518-564-2809
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Susan Mody

Full-Time Faculty

Portrait of Connie OxfordDr. Connie Oxford

Assistant Professor
Office: Redcay Hall 147
Phone: 518-564-4228
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Connie Oxford

Portrait of Jada SeconeJada Secone

Office: Redcay Hall 145
Phone: 518-564-3026
Email: [email protected]

Part-Time Faculty

Portrait of Erin MitchellDr. Erin Mitchell

Adjunct Lecturer
Office: Hawkins Hall 251
Phone: 518-564-2809
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Erin Mitchell

No photo availableSusan Patnode

Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: 518-564-3002
A local attorney, she teaches WMS 101 and Women and the Law.


No photo availableLaura Collier

Phone: 518-564-3002
Email: [email protected]

Teaching Associates

Portrait of James ArmstrongDr. James Armstrong

Professor of Anthropology
Phone: 518-564-4004
Email: [email protected]
Courses: ANT 303 — Sexuality and Culture

Portrait of Sylvie BeaudreauDr. Sylvie Beaudreau

Associate Professor of History
Phone: 518-564-5216
Email: [email protected]
Courses: HIS 370 — History of Canadian Women

No photo availableDr. Jeffrey Hornibrook

Professor of History
Phone: 518-564-5215
Email: [email protected]
HIS 381 Women in East Asian History

Portrait of Jessamyn NeuhausJessamyn Neuhaus, Professor

Professor of History
Office: Champlain Valley Hall, 320
Phone: 518-564-5217
Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Dale PhillipsDale Phillips, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: Beaumont Hall 207C
Phone: 518-564-3395
Email: [email protected]

No photo availableStanley Sabin

Lecturer of Sociology
Office: Redcay Hall 124
Phone: 518-564-3301
Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Connie ShemoConnie Shemo, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of History
Office: Champlain Valley Hall, 325
Phone: 518-564-2739
Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Breea WillinghamBreea Willingham, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Office: 142 Redcay Hall
Phone: 518-564-3331
Email: [email protected]
Learn more about Breea Willingham

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