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The gender and women’s studies internship encourages both working in the community and a concurrent analysis of that experience. Students work with organizations such as the local rape crisis center, the domestic violence service organization, a welfare-to-work service, groups lobbying on behalf of women’s issues, women’s health care agencies, and even local businesses.

Typically, students work ten to twenty hours each week for pass/fail credit. During the same semester, students also gather in the classroom to discuss their experiences collectively and to put their agency’s task into a larger historical and sociological perspective. In this seminar (for a letter grade), students will read a number of jointly-relevant books, and each student will write a library research paper based on their internship site.

Gender and women’s studies is particularly well suited to the application of theories and concepts to the wider community. As a discipline, we study and analyze the position of women in the world and how gender is constructed in societies. Our internship program encourages both scholarship and community involvement.

The program is designed to encourage us to make connections between what we learn in the classroom and the issues and problems of agencies and organizations outside the classroom. Students then learn to practice their knowledge in a way that benefits both them and the community.

Thus, students develop an ethic of community service, a deeper understanding of the social construction of gender and its consequences, and a seriousness about intellectual pursuits.

Our students particularly like these sites for internships:

  • STOP Domestic Violence/Behavioral Health Services North
  • Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood
  • Crisis Center of Clinton, Essex, Franklin
  • SUNY Plattsburgh Violence Prevention Project
  • Department of Social Services
  • Rural Law Center
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