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Internships in Gender & Women’s Studies

The gender and women’s studies internship opportunity encourages both working in the community and a concurrent analysis of that experience. Students can work with organizations such as the local rape crisis center, the domestic violence service agency, groups lobbying on behalf of women’s and LGBTQ issues, health care agencies, schools, and even local businesses.

The Gender and Women’s Studies Department advocates strongly for the application of theories and concepts to the wider community. As a discipline, we study and analyze gendered roles and experiences of all people in the world with particular emphasis on how gender is constructed in societies. Our internship program encourages students to put theory into practice through community involvement. Thus, students develop a praxis of engagement through deeper understanding of agencies at work on issues of concern.

We work with students individually to develop internship proposals that match students with locations in the wider community where they can explore and network with people in workplaces, careers, and fields of interest.

Our students particularly like these sites for internships:

  • STOP Domestic Violence/Behavioral Health Services North
  • Planned Parenthood
  • SUNY Plattsburgh Title IX Office
  • JCEO/Head Start
  • Department of Social Services
  • Rural Law Center
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