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Dr. Naveen Somasunderam

Assistant Professor

I am both an engineer and a pure mathematician by training. I am interested in all things mathematical, and also in applying mathematical ideas to solve applied problems. Moreover, I love teaching mathematics, pedagogy and doing outreach to schools and the community.

In pure mathematics, my specialization is in Number Theory. I was drawn to this subject because the problems can be simple to state, yet they go deep and the techniques used are connected to many other areas of mathematics. My engineering experience has centered around problems in electrical and computer engineering and computer science. If you are a student interested in any of these subjects, please feel free to email me to learn more and about doing a possible research project.

My teaching pedagogy is broadly based on active learning techniques in the classroom. In some past classes I have implemented IBL methods. I am also working on the incorporation of historical sources in teaching mathematics. My teaching interests also encompass presenting advanced mathematical ideas to students in K12, both through instruction and through play. Students in mathematics education are welcome to email me for possible projects to work on, in this area.

Outreach: I love working on outreach projects with children in K12, and for the general public through community fairs and talks. Some past projects have included learning about infinity, 3-D stereographic projections using spheres, playing with fractals and estimating Pi by the Buffon Needle Technique. If you are a K12 teacher/administrator or a community organizer please contact me for presenting mathematical projects at your institution or event.

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