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Graduate Admissions Forms

The following graduate admissions forms are available for download. Many of our PDF forms are formatted to allow you to type directly into them, but please be sure to fully download the file before doing so, otherwise you will not be able to save the contents and may lose information.

Supplemental Forms for Application Process

Graduate Application Forms

  • Statement of Purpose — Provides general directions for the written statement required of all applicants, and can be used as a template if the applicant chooses.
  • Graduate Resume Document — To be used for uploading a resume. This is required for all graduate programs. 
  • General Application Recommendation — To be used for all program applicants except teacher education, speech-language pathology, clinical mental health counseling and student affairs.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Student Affairs Forms

School Psychology Master’s & Certificate of Advanced Study Forms

Data Analytics Forms

Speech-Language Pathology Application Forms

Teacher Education Application

Preparatory Worksheets

Note: For assistance with the completion of a preparatory worksheet, please email the M.S.T. Program Coordinator, Dr. Maureen Squires: [email protected]

Educational Leadership

Continuation of Graduate Study

Educational Leadership

Continuation of Graduate Study (Teacher Leader to SBL, or SBL to SDL)
Please use the following forms if you wish to be considered for admission directly into an additional certificate program after the completion of your current program. Your previously submitted application items including transcripts and letters of recommendation should still be on file from your original application. If you wish to use new letters of recommendation, please contact the graduate admissions office to let them know. You will not need to pay any additional application fees.

Current teacher leader certificate students, who would like to be considered for the school building leader program, please complete the following:

Current school building leader students, who would like to be considered for the school district leader program, please complete the following:

Other Continuations
Other continuation options include:

  • Student affairs and higher education and school counseling students who wish to continue on for a C.A.S. in clinical mental health counseling

The Continuation of Graduate Study Form can be used in both of these scenarios.

Forms for Matriculated or Returning Graduate Students

Graduate Assistantship Reduced Course Load Request Form

For graduate assistants who are seeking permission to take fewer than 12 credit hours (but a minimum of 9).

Graduate Studies College Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal from SUNY Plattsburgh either during a semester or for two or more semesters is permissible within the guidelines specified in the general information section of the college catalog. You will not need to pay any fees to be reinstated as a matriculated student. However, your time limitations do not change for completion of your degree program and application of transfer credits or credits acquired in non-matriculated status. Financial aid recipients should consult with a financial aid advisor to determine the impact upon their financial aid before processing a withdrawal form.

Intent to Return to Graduate Study at SUNY Plattsburgh

When you plan to return to your graduate studies after officially withdrawing for a period of time, you will need to complete this form. You will not need to pay any fees to be reinstated as a matriculated student.

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