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English Placement & First-Year Composition FAQs

Questions about English Placement & First-Year Composition

Questions about Directed Self Placement (DSP)

  • What is DSP?

    DSP allows you to reflect on your reading and writing skills by completing an online questionnaire, which includes watching a video on SUNY Plattsburgh’s First-Year Composition (FYC) program; speaking with and/or emailing a FYC faculty member if you wish; and taking an in-class diagnostic during the first week of classes. The questionnaire should take 1–1.5 hours to complete; it will also give you a recommendation, but it is your decision to select path A (ENG100 and ENG101) or path B (ENG101 only).

Questions about First-Year Composition (FYC)

Adapted from San Francisco State University English Tutoring Center. “Frequently Asked Questions.” SFSU English Tutoring Center, n.d., http://etc.sfsu.edu/node/901.

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