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Alumni Profiles

Meet our graduates.

Melanie Lautenschlager, Class of ’17

  • B.A./M.S.T., SUNY Plattsburgh
  • English teacher, South Colonie School District

“Since graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh, I have gone on to work in nearly ten school districts, teaching everything from sixth grade ELA, to Regents-level eleventh grade English, to college literature and composition. My time at Plattsburgh inspired me to think critically and honed my ability to analyze texts for both denotative and connotative meaning. It also let me explore various ways to teach the skills of close reading and the ever-important revision process for writing.

“I worked as a TA for one semester, and as a tutor for countless more, which taught me the importance of connecting with fellow students and learning to relate concepts in personal and meaningful ways.

“I have landed in middle school, where I thrive amongst the exuberant and creative minds of my eighth graders. We read nonfiction and fiction texts, write about an array of historical and contemporary topics, and discuss what it means to be truly human. I can honestly say each day has been a delightful challenge. Connecting our different worlds to form one beautiful classroom community has, and will be, the best part of reading and writing together.”  

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