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English First-Year Composition Program

Our two-course sequence, consisting of ENG 100 and ENG 101, gives you access to the college and the marketplace because it teaches thoughtful use of a powerful tool: writing that makes an evidence-based argument. ENG 101 with a C or better fulfills the General Ed requirement for written expression.

What Will I Learn?

  1. How to produce coherent texts within common college-level written forms
  2. To demonstrate the ability to revise and improve such texts
  3. In ENG 101, you will also: research a topic, develop an argument and organize supporting details

What Are My Career Opportunities?

If you want to succeed in your major and your profession, you will need to understand the language specialists use — books, articles, blogs, memos, legal documents, purchase orders and more — and how they use that language to get their work done.

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