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Explore classic & contemporary works in all forms & genres

English Literature Major

Dive into the magic of language and storytelling in all its forms.

What Will I Learn?

With the English literature major, you will understand, appreciate, and interpret a historical range of literatures and cultures. Our majors become natural problem solvers, effective communicators, and lucid writers. The skills you learn will help you develop your voice as a writer and a critic.  

What is Unique About Our Program?

Our diversity is our strength. The breadth of our course offerings — Shakespeare, African American Novel, Children’s Literature, Utopias, Ancient Myth and Modern Mythmaking, Literature and Social Unrest, Literature and Science, Chaucer, Jane Austen, James Baldwin, to name a few — help you begin to understand the vast and diverse tradition that is English literary history. Our small classes and world-class teachers are here to help you become your best self every step of the way. A competitive internship program provides hands-on practical knowledge of a variety of fields and skills. 

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Some of our students opt for an advanced degree — law, library science and even business. The versatility of the English major with its concentration on precise thinking and effective writing provides desirable skills for a broad range of jobs.

Our students have become writers, editors, social workers, managers, librarians, technical classroom technicians, web coordinators, podcasters, teachers, lawyers, business leaders and more. It turns out that English literature is a practical major, after all!

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
Margaret Fuller
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