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Teacher Education Department

Develop and apply knowledge of child development, subject area content, and teach students in the 21st century elementary classroom.

Programs in Teacher Education

Bachelor’s Degree

5-Year Combined Bachelor’s & Master’s Programs

Master’s Degrees

Certificate Programs

Become a Teacher

We believe the best way to learn is to teach.

You will learn to:

      • Plan, implement, and reflect on instruction that meet the diverse needs of students
      • Develop knowledge and skills to assess and respond to student learning
      • Create engaging and supportive learning communities

What is Unique About Our Program?

      • Programs sequenced to build on what you’ve learned before — connecting the course material with your real-life experience
      • Clinically rich experience — working in elementary or high school classrooms from your freshman or sophomore year straight through to graduation continually updated and redesigned to reflect the latest research and emerging trends

Careers in Teaching

    • Birth–Grade 2 elementary school teacher
    • Grade 1–Grade 6 elementary school teacher
    • Grade 7–Grade 12 secondary school teacher
    • Birth–Grade 2 special education teacher
    • Grade 1–Grade 6 special education teacher
    • Grade 7–Grade 12 special education teacher
    • Birth–Grade 6 literacy specialist/coach
    • Birth–Grade 6 academic intervention service (AIS) provider
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