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Certification Programs

Certification information is specific to current, former and prospective SUNY Plattsburgh students.

All others seeking general certification information, please refer to the NYS Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives and/or Certification Start to Finish.

Steps to Certification

To view the steps needed for specific certificates, see program checklists with with program codes below.

Important note: Securing and maintaining certification credentials are the personal and professional responsibility of each teacher, administrator and school psychologist. It is your responsibility to stay current regarding changes to certification or program requirements. Regular contact with your advisor, careful reading of resources and thoughtful organization of credentialing materials are all essential to having a successful certification experience.

Current & Prospective Students


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Paper certificates are NOT printed for time-limited certificates (initial, provisional or internship). Paper certificates are printed only for permanent and professional certificates and will be mailed by NYSED 8–14 weeks after issuance.

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