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Office of Clinical Practice

The Office of Clinical Practice is your partner on campus for all clinical practice, from early fieldwork experiences to student teaching, to internships at the educational leadership level. The education programs at SUNY Plattsburgh are designed with real-world experiences as the cornerstone of exceptional educator and school leader preparation. Teacher and leader candidates in all of our programs participate in intensive, hands-on placements in P-12 schools both throughout their studies and as culminating experiences.

Clinical Experience Overview

Student Teaching

Student teaching is your culminating field experience where you will be expected to perform the duties of a lead teacher while under supervision of a cooperating teacher and college field supervisor. The goal of student teaching is to provide teacher candidates with the opportunity for personal self assessment, reflection and the achievement of professional competence in teaching.

  • Student teaching is a full time (Monday through Friday) semester-long (8-week) placement where you will experience a “solo” opportunity during the 7th or 8th week — a period of time when you are responsible for all instructional activity in the classroom.
  • All placements are arranged by the Office of Clinical Practice. No additional coursework may be taken concurrent with student teaching.

We encourage you to carefully read the Student Teaching Handbook to familiarize yourself with goals, application process, assignments, roles and responsibilities and more.

About Student Teaching


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