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Dr. Samy Garas

PROFESSOR Of Accounting

Dr. Garas has joined SUNY Plattsburgh as an Associate Professor of Accounting. In 2022, he was promoted to the rank of Professor of Accounting.

Dr. Garas’s research and presentations are in the area of corporate governance, internal control, and corporate reporting. In addition, he has nine professional certifications in auditing, forensic accounting, money-laundering, and governmental accounting. Dr. Garas has created new courses such as data analytics for accounting, programming in accounting using Python, forensic accounting, and fraud examination. Dr. Garas is specialized in teaching accounting information systems, auditing, advanced accounting, financial accounting and managerial accounting.

Dr. Garas has worked for several academic institutions in different countries as well as big audit firms (e.g., Ernst & Young), and accounting associations (e.g., Association of Certified Chartered Accountants).

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