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Alumni Profiles

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Jacob LaVarnway, Class of ’19

Portrait of Jacob LaVarnway

  • Virginia Tech, Veterinary Medicine

“SUNY Plattsburgh provided me with a strong education, advanced research opportunities, and support that guided me into my acceptance into two Doctorate Of Veterinary Medicine programs within the United States. The faculty where a phenomenal support system during my attendance. When I first arrived on campus three short years ago I had already obtained an associate degree in veterinary science technology, SUNY Plattsburgh has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the biological fields preparing me to become the best doctor I can possibly be.”


Mya Stone, Class of ’19

Portrait of Mya Stone

  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences branch campus in Colchester, Vt., Pharm.D.

“At SUNY Plattsburgh, the professors are dedicated to their teaching and always willing to answer my questions, no matter how tired of me they may get! A Pharm.D. degree can be done in five years, but I think taking the extra two years to earn a bachelor’s degree will be more beneficial in the long run. All of the sciences courses that I’ve taken have provided me with a solid background of knowledge for topics that will be covered in more detail during pharmacy school.”


Haley Aubertine, Class of ’18

Portrait of Haley Aubertine

  • SUNY Upstate Medical MD

“SUNY Plattsburgh offered me opportunities to gain firsthand experience in the medical setting before I even graduated. I was able to volunteer in the Emergency Department at CVPH, which was an unforgettable experience. The science curriculum prepared me immensely. From my experiences in A&P class and then as a teaching assistant, I became familiar with the human body systems and their functions. Plattsburgh gave me a strong foundation of knowledge that I am confident I will be able to build upon as I work toward becoming a physician.”


Jonathan Gamboa, Class of ’17

Portrait of Jonathan Gamboa

  • New York Medical College, Physical Therapy

“The curriculum taught by the experienced faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone to grow into the scholar I am today. The professors and the learning center provided the assistance I needed along the way. I could not have done it without SUNY Plattsburgh!”


Kathryn Kiely, Class of ’16

Portrait of Kathryn Kiely at work in a lab

  • Magee Women’s Hospital

“The small class sizes and easy access to professors set Plattsburgh’s program apart. All of my professors showed that they wanted their students to succeed and helped any student who was willing to put in the necessary effort. The organization of the cytotechnology major as a 3+1 program helped to get me where I wanted to be with the right amount of training and a minimal amount of debt. My time at Plattsburgh taught me how to put in the work to achieve the career goals I had planned. My clinical year at the affiliated Magee Women’s Hospital was a very well rounded training program that perfectly finished preparing me to become a successful cytotechnologist.”


London Stevens, Class of ’15

Portrait of London Stevens

  • South University, Physician’s Assistant

“SUNY Plattsburgh taught me the core knowledge that I have used throughout my graduate PA education and continue to use in my medical practice.”


Alisala Thatsanasuwan, D.M.D., Class of ’14

Portait of Alisala Thatsanasuwan

  • Columbia University

“At SUNY Plattsburgh, I met an incredibly dedicated and supportive academic advisor. He continues to offer his help despite that I am no longer a student there. After I graduated, I landed a job at an orthodontics office and soon after that I found a new job at a multi-specialty office where I had the opportunity to have hands on experience with all phases of dentistry. At times I found myself not knowing what field exactly between medicine and dentistry I would enjoy going into more, I talked with my advisor and he helped me see my hidden potential and boosted my confidence. I chose dentistry because I could see myself living a more flexible life and enjoy helping the patients restore their oral health.“

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