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Theft or Loss Reporting

Outlines the procedure for reporting stolen or lost property.

Procedure Information

For more information on this procedure, contact Management Services.

  • 6.0 Process

    Employees who become aware that college-owned Property (whether tagged or not) is missing, or may have been stolen, must report the loss to University Policy and the PCC immediately. In accordance with SUNY’s Reporting Theft, Loss or Misuse of State Assets Procedure (See Appendix), University Police is required to submit a report of any suspected theft or loss of supplies, equipment or other physical assets in excess of $1,000 per occurrence to OSC and the University Controller’s Office on a quarterly basis. This shall include:

    • All assets, in excess of $1,000, reported as lost or stolen to University Police.
    • All asset items RAMI, which have not been located during the physical inventory process and are now considered to be lost or pilfered.
    • All other lost or stolen asset items, in excess of $1,000, not controlled by RAMI.
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