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Relocation of Property Procedure

Procedure Information

For more information on this procedure, contact Regional Procurement Services.


  • 5.0 Process

    Departments are authorized to relocate property to locations owned or controlled by the college as appropriate based on departmental need without any prior approval and in accordance with any moving procedures required by the Facilities Department. However, High-Risk Assets and RAM Assets Logs must be updated as outlined below.

    Types Subtypes Relocation
    Items of Supply N/A No additional requirement
      Low-Risk Assets No additional requirements
    Equipment (Asset) High-Risk Assets Location should be updated on High-Risk Asset log
      RAM Assets Department must complete an RAM Asset Relocation Form and submit to PCC who will update location in RAM

    Departments seeking to move equipment to a location that is not owned nor controlled by the college or the Research Foundation must complete a Temporary Loan of Equipment Form before the equipment is relocated.

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