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Outlines the procedure for asset tagging.

Procedure Information

For more information on this procedure, contact Regional Procurement Services.


  • 5.0 Process
    Types Subtypes Tag Responsible Party
    Items of Supply N/A Not required


    Equipment (Asset) Low-Risk Assets Not Required


    Equipment (Asset) High-Risk Assets Red Tag


    Equipment (Asset) RAM Assets White Tag with Barcode

    Warehouse (if deliverable to warehouse)
    Department (if delivered directly to department)

    white (RAMI) property tagred high risk asset property tag

    RAM Assets

    As outlined in the Acquisition and Receiving Procedure, all RAM Assets delivered to the warehouse will be tagged with a white tag with a barcode upon receipt by warehouse staff.
    If a department receives a RAM Asset directly from a vendor and/or notices that a RAM Asset does not have a white tag, that department must notify the warehouse immediately to arrange for equipment to be tagged. If possible, provide the purchase order number to warehouse personnel.

    High-Risk Assets

    As outlined in the Property Acquisition and Receiving Procedure, all High-Risk Assets delivered to the department must be tagged with a red tag upon receipt by the equipment coordinator.

    Other Requirements

    Decals should be placed where they will not be damaged and can be accessed for physical inventory. If a decal is missing or damaged, the PCC should assign a new asset number and replace the old decal with a new decal that has the new asset number. The PCC will update RAM with the new tag number.

    Some property is not suitable for tagging such as software, equipment that may become very hot during operation, or equipment that is going to be submerged in water. For property that cannot be tagged, an asset number must be assigned and a record created in RAM. RAM notes field(s) should note the distinguishing features of the property and that the property has not been tagged. The PCC will create a “Property Certificate” using a white tag and a photo of the property. This certificate will be sent to the equipment coordinator.

    Note: Property that is currently tagged with a white tag at the time of approval of this policy that would subsequently qualify as a High-Risk Asset will be grandfathered and does not need to be retagged.

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