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Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Outlines the steps for equipment maintenance and repairs.

Procedure Information

For more information on this procedure, contact Regional Procurement Services.


  • 4.0 Process

    When receiving new equipment, the department owning that equipment should review any applicable maintenance requirements and is responsible for ensuring the equipment receives necessary maintenance.

    In the event that equipment needs to be repaired or parts replaced, the Department should review to determine if there is an applicable warranty or maintenance agreement.

    If a warranty or maintenance agreement is still in effect and applicable, the repair or replacements should be made in accordance with any procedures outlined in the contract, including the use of any specific vendors to provide repair services. If the warranty period has expired or the specific issue not covered, requests for service should be handled as follows:

    • For moveable equipment not tied into campus infrastructure: the Department should procure a vendor in accordance with applicable college policies.
    • For fixed equipment that is tied into campus infrastructure, the Department should contact Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations.

    If the department is uncertain whether a warranty is in effect, it should contact the purchasing department to review a copy of the purchase agreement.

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