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Understand nutrition, wellness and fitness, and the science of exercise. You will learn how to create personalized fitness programs for clients.

Personal Trainer Minor

Personal trainers are responsible for screening clients, evaluating their ability to take part in fitness programs and to individualize exercise programs to fit client goals. They lead, instruct and motivate clients to improve their level of fitness and well-being through health-related and performance-related modalities.

What Will I Learn?

This minor covers nutrition, the science of exercise, designing exercise programs, wellness, fitness, and CPR/AED/first aid to prepare you to become a certified personal trainer. 

The Fitness Center at SUNY Plattsburgh, as well as community health and fitness centers, employ many students with this academic background. This minor is an excellent addition for nutrition majors and/or students who are interested in the fitness and wellness industry.

During, or upon completion of the minor, you will want to seek out certification from any of a number of accredited personal trainer certification organizations including but not limited to:

What Are My Career Opportunities?

As a certified personal trainer, you can find work in commercial, community, hospital or
corporate-based fitness and health centers. You can work as an independent contractor and
provide services at various sites or wherever you please.

Career opportunities for fitness trainers are on the rise with growth much higher than the average for other occupations (industry anticipates growth of 15% between 2019 and 2029).

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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