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Study the food system

Learn about farming practices from ancient times to the present and how the food system affects politics and history.

Food & Farming Minor

Over the past decade interest in food and farming has grown to the extent of giving birth to what some refer to as “The Food Movement.” Driven by the epidemic of obesity in the United States and by popular works, such as Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, people, particularly college-age students, have become more conscious of what they eat and how their food is produced. This interest is reflected locally in the growing enrollments in courses related to food and farming at SUNY Plattsburgh and the development of our “garden” — plants and crops grown by students on land provided by the college.

What Will I Learn?

The food and farming minor provides you with an opportunity to learn more about how our food system works and can complement programs in environmental science, travel and hotel management, nutrition, among many others.

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