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Learn about Asia’s past and present

Study the anthropology, history, geography of Asian cultures and societies.

Asian Studies Minor

Asian studies is an interdisciplinary program that allows you to examine Asian culture and society. Our faculty offer courses on many subjects and regions of the Asian continent.

What Will I Learn?

You can take:

  • An introductory course on Asia
  • Four courses in selected Asian studies
  • A capstone course

What is Unique About Our Program?

Courses are taught by professors from several departments, giving you a broad range of perspectives:

  • James Armstrong — Anthropology
  • Kurtis Hagen — Philosophy
  • Patricia Higgins — Anthropology
  • Jeff Hornibrook — History
  • Jin Kim — Communications
  • Susan Mody — Education
  • Amy Mountcastle — Anthropology
  • Shakuntala Rao — Communications
  • Connie Shemo — History

You are encouraged to join the Asian Club — SUNY Plattsburgh Student Association to learn more about Asian culture.

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