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Financial Aid Resources for Graduate Students

The following financial aid sources are available to matriculated graduate students enrolled in aid-eligible graduate programs only. Full-time enrollment for aid purposes is considered 12 credits or more, with half-time enrollment being 6 credits.

The following graduate degree programs and graduate certificate programs are eligible for federal aid at SUNY Plattsburgh. Students matriculated in other graduate certificate programs are not eligible for federal aid.

Graduate students who have not been accepted into an aid-eligible graduate program are generally not eligible to participate in federal aid programs. Non-matriculated students or students in programs that are not aid-eligible may qualify for private alternative loans.

Specific financial aid information provided below is subject to change.

SUNY Plattsburgh Aid

New York State & External Aid

Federal Financial Aid

Financial Aid For Non-Matriculation

Some students enroll in coursework for enrichment or professional development purposes. Students who are not admitted into a degree or certificate program are not eligible for federal, state or institutional financial aid. If interested, non-matriculated students may apply for a private student loan. Income and credit eligibility guidelines exist; contact the lender for more information.

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