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Loan Programs

Options for students and parents to borrow for college are available from federal aid programs and private financial institutions. If you need a loan to help pay for college, the federal student loans offered in your financial aid award package are typically the least expensive loans. Visit our Apply for Aid page for instructions on applying for all forms of financial aid, including federal loans.

Federal Loan Information

General information about student and parent loans follow. Contact Student Financial Services to speak with an advisor about borrowing, alternatives to borrowing, managing your loan obligations, and to learn more about basic eligibility criteria for financial aid.

You will start to repay most student and parent loans no sooner than six months after you graduate or fall below half-time status (interest may accrue during the in-school period).

The size of your future monthly payment will depend upon the total amount borrowed, interest rate, fees, and repayment plan you chose.

Visit StudentAid.gov for a repayment calculator that will help you estimate future payments and information on payment plans and deferment options.

72% of our students graduate with student loans.  SUNY Plattsburgh's Fiscal Year 2020 Official Cohort Default Rate is 0.0.  This disclosure is provided voluntarily.  Federal regulations require colleges whose rate is above the national average to provide rate, borrowing and repayment disclosures.

Types of Loans

Loans are an important investment in your future. Understanding your options, rights and responsibilities will help you make informed decisions about educational loans.

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