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Grant Programs

Grants are typically “free money” that do not have to be repaid. Each grant has program-specific criteria that are generally described below. Learn more about basic eligibility criteria for financial aid.

Grant Programs

Grants typically are support based on financial need or other criteria defined by the donor. Grants usually do not have to be repaid. Qualifications often must be met for a recipient to receive a grant and a new application might need to be filed each year (such as the annual FAFSA and TAP applications). In more recent years some grant awards have been established with post-college expectations that if not met, convert the distributed funds to a loan that must be repaid. An example of this is the Federal TEACH Grant. If a recipient of the Federal TEACH Grant does not meet the post-college expectations agreed to in the signed contract, the funding can convert to an interest-bearing loan.

Contact the financial aid office to speak with an advisor about your eligibility for grant programs and guidance on applying.

Grants Available Annual Range Description
Federal Pell Grant $325 – $6,895

Pell is currently awarded to undergraduate students with an eligible EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Award amounts are based upon a fixed federal schedule and your EFC. Award amounts for part-time students (1 – 11 credits) are prorated and allowed on a restricted basis. Students may receive a maximum of 12 full-time (or full-time equivalent) semesters of Pell Grant awards. You can view your maximum Pell Grant lifetime eligibility used at the Federal Student Aid website (login required). Visit StudentAid.gov for more information.

NYS TAP Grant $250 – $5,665 Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is awarded to undergraduate, NYS residents and is based upon NYS taxable income. It requires full-time enrollment of 12 credits or more. Students interested in this program should complete the FAFSA and NYS Aid Payment Application. Visit HESC for more information.
NYS Part-Time TAP Grant Varies Effective with the 2022–23 aid year, NYS expanded the TAP Grant program to include funding for eligible part-time students. The income and other basic eligibility criteria are the same as TAP. Students studying part-time (6 – 11 credits) and interested in this program should complete the FAFSA and NYS Aid Payment Application. Visit HESC for more information.
SUNY Tuition Credit $37 – $1,455 SUNY Tuition Credit is awarded to TAP recipients. Award amounts are based upon the amount of your TAP grant.
Federal SEOG Grant $300 Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is awarded to Pell-eligible students with a zero EFC. Visit Student Aid on the Web for more information.
Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant $6,895

This program may be available to students who: 1) are not eligible for the Pell Grant based on EFC but otherwise meets federal eligibility requirements; and 2) has a parent or guardian who was a member of the U.S. armed forces and died as a result of military service performed in Iraq or Afghanistan after Sept 11, 2001; and 3) were under 24 years old or attending college at least part-time at the time of the parent’s or guardian’s death. Visit StudentAid.gov to learn more.

SUNY SUSTA Grant $450

State University Student Tuition Assistance (SUSTA) is awarded to first-year students who are accepted into the Educational Opportunity Program based upon an economic and academic disadvantaged status. Recipients will only receive this award for the two semesters of their first year.

Other NYS Grants Varies Visit HESC for more information on NYS grants and scholarships. Other grants and scholarships include Excelsior, Academic Excellence, Math and Science Teaching Incentive, NY-AIMS, STEM Incentive, World Trade Center, and several military and memorial scholarships.
Federal TEACH Grant $470 – $3,772 Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) may be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who intend to teach in a high-need field in public or private elementary or secondary schools that serve students from low-income families. While this program is labeled a grant, it will convert into a loan with back interest if the recipient does not meet a 4-year service obligation within 8 years of graduation. Eligible students have declared a TEACH eligible major, and scored at least 1170 on the SAT or have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 (87.5 high school average for first semester college students). Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 in order to renew the grant from semester to semester. Award amounts for part-time students (under 12 credits) are prorated. Visit StudentAid.gov for more information.
NYS APTS Grant $425 – $1000 Students enrolled in three to eleven credits per semester in a degree program can apply for Aid for Part-time Studies (APTS). Funding is limited and available on a first come-first serve basis.  Applications are available on our Forms website and are due prior to the beginning of each semester. Award amounts depend on tuition charges, NYS taxable income and academic records.
NYS EOP Grant $550 – $1800 Educational Opportunity (EOP) Grants are awarded to students who are accepted into the EOP program based upon an economic and academic disadvantaged status. Visit EOP for more information.
ACCES-VR Varies ACCES-VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) provides an extensive array of services to individuals with disabilities that will enable them for employment. Students must have a documented diagnosed disability to be eligible for ACCES-VR benefits. For college students, ACCES-VR may provide support services such as tutors, note takers, and readers. For eligible students who also meet financial requirements, ACCES-VR may provide a grant that assists with tuition, fees, books, transportation and adaptive equipment. ACCES-VR has 15 district offices throughout the state.
Empire State Diversity Honor’s Scholarship Varies This purpose of this is to attract and retain undergraduate students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and can demonstrate that they will contribute to the diversity of the student body. Students who have already been awarded a scholarship by the college are automatically considered for this scholarship.
New York State Indian Aid Up to $2,000

In 1953, the New York state legislature authorized Education Law Section 4118 which provides funding for American Indian students can receive grant awards of up to $2,000 per year form attending any approved, accredited postsecondary institution in New York state. Students also may receive student aid for less than four years of study and for part-time study. Learn more about the program and eligibility by visiting the NYS Indigenous Education Unit.
New York State Indian Aid Application for New Students
New York State Indian Aid Application for Returning and Continuing Students

Applied Learning Grants Varies

Learn about applied learning grant requirements and eligibility.

Federal Stimulus Grants to Students

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has awarded SUNY Plattsburgh funding for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing emergency grants to students.

For more information about the funding, distribution, policies, addendums and required disclosures of these emergency student grants, visit our Federal Stimulus Grants to Students.

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