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Grow Professionally While Pursuing Graduate Study

SUNY Plattsburgh offers graduate assistantships for well-qualified, full-time matriculated graduate students.

Graduate Assistantships

SUNY Plattsburgh offers graduate assistantships for well-qualified, full-time matriculated graduate students. These positions provide educational and professional value to your graduate experience while also offering tuition compensation as well as a stipend.

Assistantship Positions

Applications for graduate assistantships are due by February 15 for the following academic year. You must have a complete admissions application in order to be considered for an assistantship.

The 2024–25 application cycle is closed.

APPLY For Assistantship

This list is subject to change

More Information About Assistantships

Additional Information

  • Occasionally a position may become available in the spring semester — please inquire as to the availability of these.
  • Not all graduate assistantships are available every year.
  • Applications are reviewed by the department offering the assistantship(s). The department will be in touch should they wish to schedule an interview.
  • Departments with graduate assistantships in 2022–23

Graduate Assistantship Profiles

Meet our GAs.

Samruddhi Bhosale

“In addition to having a degree in psychology, I also have certifications as a pranic healer, an art therapist, and an instructor of workplace meditation. I chose to study CMHC at Plattsburgh because I am highly interested in learning new things every day, particularly regarding human behavior. I chose this university so that I could receive the best education possible and have the opportunity to study with some of the most outstanding instructors here. Their research is outstanding. I would be more than willing to absorb their expertise and, ideally, work together with them on a project.

“I picked SUNY Plattsburgh because the program I wanted to enroll in offers abundant chances for learning and development. SUNY Plattsburgh is renowned for its outstanding academic programs and faculty. Not to mention how welcoming and encouraging the community is. I am happy to be a part of SUNY Plattsburgh's dedication to diversity and really value it.”

Kaitlyn Bjelko

“I chose SUNY Plattsburgh because it is close to home. Being from Plattsburgh, it made the decision to go here really easy. I also love the natural beauty of the area with the mountains and lake so close by. I chose school psychology at Plattsburgh because I’ve heard that the program is good and they get you into schools during the first semester. I want to help kids get the education they deserve no matter what challenges they’re going through. In my down time I enjoy many activities like playing sports, hiking, rock climbing, and watching YouTube.”

Michele Bogensberger

“I graduated with my bachelor's this May in human development and family relations (adolescence) and I am the new incoming graduate assistant for the HDFR department. I chose SUNY Plattsburgh and clinical mental health counseling for my field of study not only to stay close to home, but also because I wish to pursue my career goals of becoming a therapist for adolescents in the community I was raised in. I love taking the time to help out my community whenever I can, participating in volunteer work. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, but I think I love spending time with my dog above all else.”

Jenica Charles

“I'm a graduate assistant in the academic advising office as well as a community advocate on campus. I chose Plattsburgh because I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology here as well as worked in admissions. SUNY Plattsburgh is an educational home for me, so I thought why not pursue another degree? I chose clinical mental health counseling as my focus because it’s new, exciting and a versatile career. I look forward to gaining knowledge and making connections in the years to come!”

Jordyn Cortez

“Upon completion of high school, I moved east to Youngstown, Ohio. I spent the first two years of my undergrad at Youngstown State University. Due to the pandemic, I moved home and completed my bachelor’s at The University of Toledo.

I chose SUNY Plattsburgh because of the school psychology master’s program. Additionally, after spending the last several years visiting family in the area, I have grown to love Plattsburgh and the surrounding area. I am looking forward to my future holds in the area.”

Alyson Crosby (she/her)

“I am the graduate assistant for the counselor education department. I am from Brier Hill, New York and enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy being outdoors, which is one of the main reasons why I chose SUNY Plattsburgh as it sits just outside the Adirondack Mountains as well as along the shore of Lake Champlain. One of the greatest rewards of choosing the field of mental health counseling is being able to have a positive impact on the lives and well-being of the clients I will be working with.”

Kristen Crowder

“I chose to attend SUNY Plattsburgh as I was very impressed by their school psychology program. I have always loved working with students with developmental disabilities, which is something I’ve done for years starting in my hometown in La Crescenta, California when I would volunteer at my brother and sister’s school. I was very interested in attending SUNY Plattsburgh as the school psychology graduate students have opportunities to work in the Nexus program with students with developmental disabilities, and they place a major emphasis on gaining first hand internship experience throughout the graduate program.”

Mohammad Fahat

“I am a first-generation college student and I completed my Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Business Administration and am currently pursuing a master’s in data analytics at SUNY Plattsburgh. I chose this institution not only because of its familiar and comfortable environment but also because of the academic support and strong mentor relationships it provides. I opted for data analytics as my field of study because of its potential for creating a fulfilling and impactful career. It equips individuals with valuable skills that can open doors to diverse industries and allows one to use data to drive meaningful change and innovation. My ultimate goal is to achieve success, and I am confident that SUNY Plattsburgh will help me realize my aspirations.”

Osamuyimen Omorogbe-Akpata

“During my undergrad at SUNY Plattsburgh, I double majored in accounting and business administration with a minor in management information systems. I’m currently a graduate student in the one-year data analytics master’s program. I chose SUNY Plattsburgh because of its business school which has the highest accreditation for business schools in the U.S., the AACSB accreditation.”

Emily Reinhardt

“I completed my bachelor’s at SUNY Plattsburgh in the environmental science planning and management program in December 2022. The Center for Earth and Environmental Science provides students with hands-on experience and with professors who truly care about their students. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in undergrad at Plattsburgh and was sad to think it would be over. Without much hesitation, I decided to continue my studies at Plattsburgh in the natural resources and ecology master’s program.

“I am researching the social impacts of mountain biking funded by the North Eastern States Research Cooperative (NSRC). In the summer of ‘23 I will be traveling to locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Québec conducting interviews with stakeholders to discover what impacts these communities are experiencing with an increase in mountain biking recreation in the Northeast. This experience will be unlike any other and I’m grateful to have this opportunity!”

Frances Sevilla

“Prior to my acceptance, I specialized in working as a case preventive worker with the community of Brooklyn, advocating on behalf of families who struggle with adversity issues as well as mental health issues in their homes. I knew that this was just a stepping stone for me and wanted to go further into my career, leading to my interest in counseling. Aside from this rewarding experience, I wanted to be a part of the mental health counseling program in Plattsburgh because I wanted to learn more about myself, my culture, and my racial identity as a Filipino American. I also want to continue working with diverse communities and be a part of something bigger with them which is why I chose Plattsburgh. I hope to really welcome students with comfort, safety and a sense of inclusivity.”

Jessica Weissman

“I chose SUNY Plattsburgh because of its affordable, NASP-accredited school psychology master’s program. During my application process, the admissions department was very involved and answered all the questions I had along the way, showing me this is a school that cares. I chose the school psychology program here because they have students working at practicum placements during their first year and I really wanted to start helping these children as soon as possible. I also really liked the small cohort and department size, which meant it would be easy to form close, lasting connections with peers and professors. I really enjoy the area, too. Since I’m from Long Island, I do not often get the outdoor activities offered in Plattsburgh, and Plattsburgh’s close proximity to Burlington, Lake Placid and Montreal means there’s a lot of opportunity for new experiences. I also work as an assistant community director for Campus Housing and Community Living, and I’ve loved getting to know this school and the people here!”

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