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Grow Professionally While Pursuing Graduate Study

SUNY Plattsburgh offers graduate assistantships for well-qualified, full-time matriculated graduate students.

Graduate Assistantships

SUNY Plattsburgh offers graduate assistantships for well-qualified, full-time matriculated graduate students. These positions provide educational and professional value to your graduate experience while also offering tuition compensation as well as a stipend.

The deadline to apply for Fall 2021 assistantships has now passed. Applications will reopen in late Fall 2021 for the Fall 2022 cycle.  

Please note — you must have a completed program application at the time of the assistantship deadline. 


Position Openings

 You must have a completed program application in order to be considered for an assistantship. 

The application deadline to apply for assistantships for Fall 2021 has passed. Applications will reopen in late Fall 2021 for the Fall 2022 cycle.

A tentative list of open assistantship positions can be found below. By clicking on each position, you will be able to view the position description. Please note: this list is subject to change and does not conclusively reflect what positions will ultimately be available for Fall 2022. 

*This list is subject to change

How to Apply for Assistantships

  • Part One — Complete the Part One of the application process at SUNY Plattsburgh Graduate Assistant Application to indicate which positions you would like to be considered for. Position descriptions will be posted once the applications open.
  • Part Two — Complete the Human Resource Services employment application online at Graduate Assistant Application Pool. This process includes uploading a cover letter and resume. Only one cover letter can be submitted, so please speak broadly about your skills and abilities if you are applying to multiple positions.

Facts About Graduate Assistantships

  • Graduate assistants must be full-time, matriculated students (enrolled in 12+ credit hours) at the start of the appointment period. A graduate student who withdraws or reduces enrollment from full-time to part-time status may jeopardize the stipend and tuition scholarship which affects tuition liability.
  • With permission, exceptions may be granted to the full-time status requirement, allowing a graduate assistant to enroll in 9 credit hours if the assistantship is directly related to the educational program, or when the assistantship is housed within their academic department. To request a reduced course load, please complete the Graduate Assistant Reduced Course Load Request form and submit it to graduate admissions.
  • Continuing students need to communicate with their supervisor about renewing their position. Assistantships may be renewed for up to two years after the initial appointment, depending on availability of the position and approval of the assistantship supervisor.
  • Students must maintain good academic standing. 
  • Full-time graduate assistantships offer an in-state tuition scholarship and a stipend. Residence directors also receive housing and a partial meal plan.
  • Typically, positions are awarded with a fall start date, and a two-semester appointment (one academic year).
  • Occasionally a position may become available in the spring semester — please inquire as to the availability of these.
  • Graduate assistants, in addition to their status as students, are employees of the State University of New York and are represented by the Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU). The terms and conditions of their employment are determined through collective bargaining and are enumerated in the agreement between GSEU and the State University of New York.
  • Not all graduate assistantships are available every year.
  • Applications are reviewed by the department offering the assistantship(s). The department will be in touch should they wish to schedule an interview.
  • Assistantship opportunities are open to first time graduate students, as well as returning and continuing students.
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