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Civility and Community Building

The Civility in the Workplace educational initiative began as a joint labor/management initiative in the Fall of 2011.

The initiative is part of SUNY Plattsburgh’s ongoing commitment to an inclusive environment where all employees, students, parents, and guests feel welcome and safe. Our goal is to make SUNY Plattsburgh the best place it can possibly be for all of us.

“Research on workplace civility confirms that a civil workplace is essential for good customer service, employee retention and productivity, and overall workplace health...”

Cardinals Care "You Made a Difference" Recognition Program

One of the new initiatives of the expanded program is the Cardinals Care: You Made a Difference Recognition Program. Individuals are invited to reward exceptional service above and beyond the call of duty by completing a nomination form and mailing or emailing it to the Civility and Community Building Committee. Nominated individuals will be publicized and a copy of the nomination will be forwarded to the employee. All faculty, staff, and students are eligible for nomination..

Resources: We are collecting a list of websites, books, articles, and other information that you might find useful. If you have items you would like added, don’t hesitate to contact one of the below individuals. Download Civility Resources (PDF file size 245KB)

November 2019 Nominees

The Promote Community Building Committee and the Cardinals Care Recognition Program would like to recognize this month's nominees – students, faculty, and staff – who made a positive difference or went the extra mile for someone else:

  • Rudaba Ahmed, Student in Economics BA BS
  • Sharimila Ambrose, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Suzanna Bartlett, Academic Affairs
  • Carol Bleaux, Classroom & Customer Support Serv
  • Barry Brown, Event Management Office
  • Kathleen Camelo, Student Health & Counseling Center
  • Raymond Carman, Political Science
  • Trinity Chia, Student in Comm Sciences & Disorders BABS
  • Jennifer Clancy, Teacher Education, Grad MST Prg
  • Cindy Clifford-Ledyard, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Kaitlin Diskin, Student in Speech Lang Path TSHH Cert
  • John Downs, Journalism and Public Relations
  • Katherine Dunham, Psychology
  • Cathleen Eldridge, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Eric Forand, University Police
  • Peter Friesen, Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Amy Gervich, Teacher Education, Undergraduate
  • Kristie Gonyea, School of Business & Economics
  • Wanda Haby, Supply Chain Management & Int Bus
  • Kimberly Hall-Stone, Art
  • Kenneth Hicks, Central Heating Plant
  • David Hill, Academic Affairs
  • Zach Hulbert, Computer Information Systems
  • Ashley Jonas, Budget & Financial Reporting Serv
  • Josee Larochelle, President's Office
  • Monica Lattrell, Student Health & Counseling Center
  • Shayla Madden, Student in Speech Lang Path TSHH Cert
  • Jamie McClatchie, Maint. & Operations Ctr (MOC)
  • Cindy McMurray, Journalism and Public Relations
  • Diane Merkel, Academic Affairs
  • Michael Morgan, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Paige Moulton, Student in Child Ed 1-6 STEM BSMSED
  • Brian Neureuther, Supply Chain Management & Int Bus
  • Kelsey O'Connor, Student in Comm Sciences & Disorders BABS
  • Elin O'Hara, Library (Feinberg)
  • Robert Richter, Classroom & Customer Support Serv
  • Laura Rosenbrock, Student Health & Counseling Center
  • Matthew Salvatore, Fitness Center
  • Angela Simone, Student in Child Ed 1-6 EngLangArt BSMSED
  • Kaitlyn Small, Student in Child Ed 1-6 EngLangArt BSMSED
  • Alexandra Stuto, Student in Child Ed 1-6 Social St BSMSED
  • Michelle Timmons, Teacher Education, Undergraduate
  • Diane Trombly, Library (Feinberg)
  • Mark Upton, Central Heating Plant
  • Kendra Wright, Student in Child Ed 1-6 EngLangArt BSMSED

Help build our SUNY Plattsburgh community by acknowledging the special efforts of those on campus.


"You Made a Difference" Nomination Form

All faculty, staff and students are eligible for nomination.

Note: If the date of service extends beyond a single day, please indicate the dates in your response.
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