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Civility & Community Building

The Civility in the Workplace educational initiative began as a joint labor/management initiative in the fall of 2011.

The initiative is part of SUNY Plattsburgh’s ongoing commitment to an inclusive environment where all employees, students, parents and guests feel welcome and safe. Our goal is to make SUNY Plattsburgh the best place it can possibly be for all of us.

Civility Statement

The State University of New York at Plattsburgh (SUNY Plattsburgh) recognizes that productivity, well-being, and job satisfaction are contingent on the workplace environment. Through civility, mutual respect, open communication, cooperation and support, SUNY Plattsburgh strives to foster a safe, respectful workplace to promote the highest quality performance out of all members. This expectation also extends beyond the place of work to locations where state employees are representing SUNY Plattsburgh and/or performing their work-related duties and responsibilities.

Cardinals Care “You Made a Difference” Recognition Program

One of the initiatives of the expanded program is the Cardinals Care: You Made a Difference Recognition Program. Individuals are invited to reward exceptional service above and beyond the call of duty by completing a nomination form and mailing or emailing it to the Civility and Community Building Committee. Nominated individuals will be publicized and a copy of the nomination will be forwarded to the employee. All faculty, staff and students are eligible for nomination.

May 2023 Honorees

The Promote Community Building Committee and the Cardinals Care Recognition Program would like to recognize this month’s nominees — students, faculty and staff  who made a positive difference or went the extra mile for someone else:

  • Allison Beebie, Cardinal Achievement Program
  • Frederick Belair, Warehouse
  • Ona Belser, Human Development and Family Relations
  • Lillian Beun, Student in Geology B.A.
  • Jennifer Bleaux, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Dwayne Butchino, Music
  • Erin Campbell, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Vincent Carey, History
  • Sarah Charles, Nursing
  • Robert Christopherson, Economics and Finance
  • Nancy Church, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Marnie Collin, Janitorial
  • Julie Collins, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Jennifer Curry, Accessibility Resources Office
  • Cassandra Day, Admissions
  • Paul Deal, Counseling and Human Services
  • Ilhan Demirer, Management, Information Systems and Analytics
  • Sean Dermody, Regional Procurement Services
  • Shelley Desroches, Moving Crew
  • Katherine Dunham, Psychology
  • David Duprey, Learning Center
  • Christine Feazelle, Student Health and Counseling Center
  • Rachel Flemming, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Ilona Flores, Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Mohamed Gaber, Accounting (Academic)
  • Jeffrey Gauthier, Management, Information Systems and Analytics
  • Jorunn Gran-Henriksen, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Erika Guay, Theatre
  • Heather Haskins, Strategic Communications/Marketing
  • Daryn Johnston, Janitorial
  • Cheryl Kabeli, Nursing
  • Karin Killough, Learning Center
  • Beth King, Janitorial
  • Emily Kuhne, School of Business and Economics
  • Christina Lagree, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Francisco Lauture, Student in Social Work B.S.
  • Jason Lee, Accounting (Academic)
  • Regan Levitte, Learning Center
  • Leanne Macey, Sociology
  • Daniel Mariano, Janitorial
  • Cynthia McCarty, Teacher Education, Graduate M.S.Ed. Program
  • Jamie McClatchie, School of Business and Economics
  • Alyssa McGovern, Information Technology Services
  • Penny McQuinn, Counseling and Human Services
  • Tammy Morris, Janitorial
  • Karen Naaman, Accounting (Academic)
  • Elin O’Hara, Library (Feinberg)
  • Razvan Pascalau, Economics and Finance
  • Meg Pearson, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Michelle Pelkey, School of Business and Economics
  • Julie Richards, Counseling and Human Services
  • Jaylah Roberts, Student in Computer Science B.S.
  • Jonathan Roberts, Moving Crew
  • Sutcharit Sakchutchawarn, Supply Chain Management and International Business
  • Heidi Schnackenberg, Teacher Education, Graduate M.S.Ed. Program
  • James Sherman, Campus Housing and Community Living
  • Kristin Short, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Maureen Squires, Teacher Education, Graduate M.S.T. Program
  • Andreas Stamatis, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
  • Mila Su, Library (Feinberg)
  • Leah Sweeney, Event Management Office
  • Yong Yu, Teacher Education, Undergraduate

Help build our SUNY Plattsburgh community by acknowledging the special efforts of those on campus.

“You Made a Difference” Nomination Form

All faculty, staff and students are eligible for nomination.

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