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Employee Assistance Program

Providing resources for our employees to find balance between their work and personal obligations.

The New York State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a worksite-based program designed to help state employees deal with the everyday issues involved in balancing work and life, as well as more serious problems that may impact work performance. This benefit is available to SUNY Plattsburgh employees, retirees, and their families and is sponsored jointly by labor and management.

The EAP coordinator assists employees in identifying and resolving personal, family, and workplace issues by providing information, assessment, and referral to community resources. We do not provide counseling services but do offer health related education workshops and literature. The EAP coordinator is specially trained to help employees and their families deal with a broad range of issues and concerns including: Abuse, anxiety, child care, depression, domestic violence, elder care, emotional issues, family issues, parenting, financial concerns, gambling, grief and loss, health insurance questions, legal issues, marital problems, physical illness, relationship problems, stress, substance abuse, wellness programs, and work issues.

EAP services are provided at no cost, are voluntary, and are strictly confidential. The only exceptions to confidentiality are when information is required by law or executive order, when persons are likely to harm themselves or others, or when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse.

Employees can consult with the EAP coordinator by phone, email, or in person.


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