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Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions in the following topic areas:

  • Important terms and definitions
  • What to do: Faculty and staff responding to reports of discrimination, harassment and violence
  • Sexual and interpersonal violence
  • Reporting options, process and expectations
  • How SUNY Plattsburgh Title IX supports you
  • Resources available on and off campus
  • Rights of the respondent/accused under Title IX
  • Rights of individuals reporting gender discrimination, harassment or violence
  • Gender discrimination
  • State and federal regulations/laws
  • Pregnancy and lactation protections

Title IX Information & FAQs

Title IX Terms & Definitions

What To Do: Faculty/Staff Responding to Reports of Discrimination, Harassment & Violence

Sexual & Interpersonal Violence

Sexual Assault, Alcohol & Drugs

Reporting: Options, Process & Expectations

How SUNY Plattsburgh Supports & Accommodates Title IX

Title IX & Campus Resources

Rights of the Respondent/Accused Under Title IX

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