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Title IX Staff

Need someone to talk to? You are not alone. Our office is your safe, supportive, judgment-free space to tell your story and get the help and support you need, when you need it the most.

Meet our Staff

Kim Irland, Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 518-564-3281
Email: [email protected]

Kim Irland earned her Master of Arts in social sciences with a concentration in student affairs and diversity from Binghamton University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and journalism from SUNY Oswego. Her experience includes collegiate administration in two-year and four-year public institutions of higher education including campus housing, student life, student conduct, diversity education and Title IX.

What is the role of a Title IX coordinator?

The Title IX coordinator is a neutral/impartial person to whom individuals can file reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual violence and/or interpersonal violence including stalking.

The Title IX coordinator provides the following support and services:

  • Ensures the college is in compliance with all state and federal legislation and mandates, including policy creation and revisions;
  • Informs individuals of their rights under Title IX, Title VII, VAWA and 129-B;
  • Ensures all reporting individuals are informed of reporting options, have appropriate access to resources, as well as necessary accommodations in the work or school environment;
  • Ensures all accused individuals who choose to participate in a Title IX process are informed of rights, have appropriate access to resources, as well as necessary accommodations in the work or school environment;
  • Provides individuals with information to make informed decisions on processes, policies and options;
  • Connects individuals with advocates/advisors to support them throughout any process and in navigating choices;
  • Communicates to the community information on resources, rights, responsibilities, reporting options, campus policies, as well as state and federal legislation/mandates;
  • Oversees education, prevention and outreach efforts by the campus community;
  • Initiates and oversees investigations in regards to sex or gender discrimination, harassment and/or violence;
  • Tracks trends to assess campus safety risks and communicate safety issues to the campus community;
  • Ensures that SUNY Plattsburgh is stopping, preventing and remedying gender discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault in a timely and equitable manner;
  • Provides pregnancy protections including academic accommodations;
  • Upholds and inform individuals of breastfeeding/pumping rights as well as accessibility to appropriate accommodations;
  • Develops and maintains sustainable collaborative relationships with campus and community partners who respond to, provide resources/support, provide education and outreach, adjudicate and work to prevent gender-based violence;
  • Works to provide/increase equity in academic and campus-related activities.

The Title IX coordinator does not make determinations of responsibility. For more information on all of the steps, roles, responsibilities and processes, please review related SUNY Plattsburgh Policies.

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