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We Value our International Students

And we value what you bring to our community. Every accepted international student receives a renewable scholarship package valued between $7,500 – $13,500.

Estimate Your Scholarship Award

Tuition & Costs

All accepted international students are awarded renewable scholarships to help cover the cost of attendance — even transfers! Scholarship amounts are determined by a combination of your academic achievement, country of origin and demonstrated financial need.


It is important to consider both billed & unbilled costs

Get help paying for college

SUNY Plattsburgh values global education — and rewards international students for choosing to learn with us.

Available Scholarships

Although submitting an SAT score is not required for your application, it is necessary for us if you want to qualify for the maximum scholarships available. When applying, you will also need to submit an official bank statement showing a value of at least $30,000 U.S. dollars (Total cost minus smallest financial award package). For details on the bank statement requirements visit the Missing Items page.

Cost of Attendance for International Students

Actual Billed Tuition and Expenses 2020–2021
Cost and Fees Cost per Year (USD)
Tuition $16,980
Room (double occupancy) $9,080
Food (meal plan) $5,090
Required Fees $2,014
Health Insurance (required) $1,400
Total Billed Cost $34,564

The Total Billed Cost listed above can be decreased by considering the available scholarships for international students.

Please note that tuition and billed costs are expected to increase by about 5% each year.

Unbilled Expenses

When you enroll in a college or university, you can expect to have two kinds of expenses: Billed and Unbilled. Billed expenses are assigned to you by the institution. Examples are tuition and meal plans. A complete list is included above.

Enrolled international students will also need to budget for the significant living expenses that will come from sources other than the institution. These are called “unbilled expenses” and include the following:

Unbilled Expenses (Approximated)
Type of Expense Cost per Year (USD)
Books and supplies $1,200/year
Personal Expenses $1,800/year
Total Unbilled Cost $3,000/year
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