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Information for International Counselors & Student Advisers

Educational advisers and counselors are an important source of accurate and timely information for students wishing to study abroad. As you are working with individual students in your school, we invite you to consider whether or not SUNY Plattsburgh is a good fit for them. To help you do this, we offer the following statistics about our recent incoming class for your consideration:

International Enrollment Statistics for SUNY Plattsburgh

Fall 2022 International first-year students

  • 624 applications
  • 262 accepted (42% acceptance rate)
  • Middle 50% high school average of accepted applicants: 87 – 95

International first-year student award packages for Fall 2022 (including institutional grants and merit-based scholarships)

  • 100% of accepted international applicants received award package
  • Billed cost of attendance before awards = $37,270
  • Minimum award = $7,500
  • Maximum award = $13,500
  • Average award = $11,000
  • Average Net BILLED Cost = $26,270

Download Print-Ready Materials

While information about admissions, academic programs, cost of attendance, and many other matters is readily available on our website, printed materials can also be helpful. We invite you to download and print our materials from the select list below. You may also request hard copy materials by mail by completing the form at the link below.

Download a PDF file that is suitable for printing and posting for your students. Each full color poster is available in standard letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) and A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches).

Request for Mailed Printed Materials



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