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The psychology internship program offers students practical experience in psychology in field settings. We offer a wide variety of placements working with children, adolescents and adults. Interns work closely with professional staff, such as school psychologists, school counselors, mental health counselors and social workers. Interns also participate in a weekly seminar which helps them forge links between the internships and their psychology courses.

Internship Placements

Our extensive internship program gives you the real-world experience that will help to further your career in psychology. You can use this opportunity both to gain worthwhile real-world experience and to explore different career options within the field of psychology. The internship experience facilitates informed career decisions and provides relevant experience for either graduate school or employment after graduation.

Please note:

  • Placement availability can vary semester to semester based on student demand and program staff.
  • Internship duties can vary with changes to programs, staff cuts, etc. Information about current duties and roles can be verified during an interview with the site if you are approved by the psychology internship coordinator, Dr. Durant.

How to Apply — Main Campus Students

The psychology internship program on the main campus is coordinated by Dr. Richard Durant. Students at the Queensbury campus should email Dr. Bremser at [email protected], Dr. Grabbe at [email protected] or Dr. Sturman at [email protected].

If you wish to volunteer rather than register for an internship, please contact the Center for Student Involvement and Project Help.

You should register for back-up courses in case the internship does not work out. Be sure to discuss contingency plans with your advisor and register for enough credits to keep you on track for graduation. If an internship becomes possible, you can adjust your course schedule then.

Steps to Apply

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