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Fieldwork & Internships

The psychology internship program offers students practical experience in psychology in field settings. We offer a wide variety of placements working with children, adolescents and adults. Interns work closely with professional staff, such as school psychologists, school counselors, mental health counselors and social workers. Interns also participate in a weekly seminar which helps them forge links between the internships and their psychology courses.

Apply Your Knowledge

Our extensive internship program gives you the real-world experience that will help to further your career in psychology.

Students can use this opportunity both to gain worthwhile real-world experience and to explore different career options within the field of psychology. The internship experience facilitates informed career decisions and provides relevant experience for either graduate school or employment after graduation.

Internship Placements

Main Campus

  • Clinton County Department of Social Services
  • Momot Elementary School
  • Bailey Avenue Elementary School
  • CVPH Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit
  • Chazy Central Rural School
  • Nexus Program for children with high-functioning autism (on campus)
  • North Country Kids
  • Adirondack Helping Hands
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Program (on campus)
  • Third Age Day Program (on campus)
  • Stop Domestic Violence
  • CVPH Adult Mental Health Unit
  • Clinton County Probation Department
  • Behavioral Health Services North: PROS Program

Queensbury Campus

  • WAIT House Homeless Youth Shelter
  • Voices of the Heart — services for individuals with psychiatric problems
  • Catholic Charities — domestic violence project
  • Bus Stop Club for siblings of children with disabilities

Information for Current Students (Main Campus)

The psychology fieldwork/internship program on the main campus is coordinated by Dr. Katherine Dunham. Students at the Queensbury campus should contact either Dr. Grabbe ([email protected]) or Dr. Sturman ([email protected]).


  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (cumulative and psychology major GPA)
  • Junior or senior standing
  • Permission of the internship coordinator, which is based on successful completion of the application, interviews, and faculty recommendations (main campus only)
Instructions to main campus psychology majors seeking an internship for Fall 2022 (for credit)
from Dr. Dunham, fieldwork coordinator:

If placements are available, I will sponsor eligible students on internships in the spring on a pass/fail basis, without the usual academic component. Many of our usual placement sites may not be able to accept undergraduate interns due to safety concerns with COVID-19. 

Please send me the application materials (see links below) by email by the usual deadline (last day of the two-week advising period: April 8 this semester).  

For the faculty recommendation component of the application, you can download the faculty recommendation form (see below) and email it to two full-time psychology faculty (see application instructions below). Ask the faculty first by email if they would be willing to do the fieldwork recommendation form (specify that is what you are asking them to do, not a “letter”) for you before sending it to them. If they agree to do the form, ask them to email the completed form to me by, or shortly after, the application deadline listed above. 

As you read the instructions and other materials below, remember that they are written for normal times, not the circumstances we are now under. All of the prerequisites and steps still apply, but will be modified for safety purposes where necessary.

I always have students who apply for internships register for back-up courses in case the internship does not work out, and I will suggest that to students this time, too. You can work on various contingency plans with your advisor for Fall 2022 course selection and register for enough credits to keep you on track for graduation. If an internship becomes possible, you can adjust your spring course schedule then.

Please email me ([email protected]) with questions!


To take an internship for credit in psychology on the main campus, students must apply by the end of the advisement period in the semester before they wish to do the internship (e.g., about midway through spring for an internship in fall). The application materials and instructions are provided in the files posted below. Students who wish to volunteer rather than register for an internship should contact the Center for Student Involvement and its Project Help staff to arrange that.

Application Materials

Please review all the materials posted here before you contact Dr. Dunham, as many of your questions are likely answered in here!

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