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Student Profiles

Christine Parmeter

  • SUNY Plattsburgh Main Campus, Class of ’24

Christine is from Plattsburgh, N.Y., and has lived in multiple states throughout the Eastern U.S.  “I eventually returned to further my education in the North Country because I feel most at home in this beautiful region.

“In grade school, I was always fond of my science classes because of the intriguing theories, logical formulas, and use of observation/experimentation. Psychology combines these skills that I admire with my passion for learning why people think and act as they do. This interest in the human mind stems from the many societal trends and shortcomings I have noticed throughout life. As a first-generation student and person with a disability, I have witnessed many of these highs and lows — both directly and indirectly. My goal is to help people overcome similar struggles and reach their goals for a fulfilling life. 

“After graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh with my bachelor’s degree, I plan to find a graduate program best fitting my psychological career interests. I love learning about all aspects of the brain and human behavior, but I especially have a soft spot for the social and developmental fields. My current aim is to become a counseling psychologist. However, psychology is such an expansive field that I am open to adjusting my career goals as I explore the many areas of my discipline in more depth.  

“I have had many notable experiences during my first two years here, especially in the psychology and honors programs. Last semester, I was honored to join Dr. Dunham as a research apprentice. Conducting research is a fantastic way to closely pursue topics of personal interest and strive to answer questions that arise from observing daily life. I would gladly conduct future research during my undergraduate program and recommend doing so to my peers. In Fall 2021, I also took an honors independent study during which I mentored first-year students in the honors program. This was an incredible experience that strengthened my leadership skills and allowed me to help fellow students on campus find their paths to success. Additionally, it gave me a sneak peek into a “counseling” role of sorts where I advised individuals who valued my guidance. This inspired me to continue passing on my knowledge and assisting students in a different form. Thus, I eagerly took the role of TA in PSY 311 with Dr. Samudra this semester. In the future, I hope to undertake similar opportunities and new ones, such as internships, as they present themselves.

“I cannot talk about the psychology program without highlighting how the professors in the department have molded my experience. Since day one, I have been deeply interested in my major, and that dedication only grows with each course I take. This is largely due to how passionate each professor is about their respective field, which makes classes more engaging. Likewise, all the faculty are extremely supportive. They are more than happy to assist you, discuss their academic/professional careers, and help you plan yours. I feel fortunate to work and connect with my professors on a one-on-one basis.”

Allison Corlew

  • SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus at Queensbury, Class of ’22

Allison is from Argyle, N.Y. “I am a first-generation college student and began at SUNY Adirondack. I began as a math and science major and planned to go into the medical field. I realized around my third semester that the medical field was not a passion. During the last semester of my associate’s, I took a few psychology classes and realized that I was deeply intrigued by them. I enjoyed learning about children especially and how the young adolescent mind thinks and develops. I then decided to look at psychology programs for my bachelor’s and decided on Plattsburgh’s program.” Allison plans to obtain her master’s degree and become a school psychologist or work with children in an academic setting. 

“The faculty have always been helpful and supportive. During my first two semesters, I was still not sure about what area of psychology I wanted to work in. After a fieldwork experience that an amazing professor gave me the opportunity to participate in through Shine On, I quickly realized that I wanted to work with children in an academic setting. I was also given the opportunity to be a research assistant (RA) throughout my senior year and a teaching assistant (TA) by another amazing professor. The main reason why I am pursuing my master’s following graduation is due to the experiences and opportunities I have had at Plattsburgh. I am looking forward to being a TA this semester and continuing with the research as an RA.

“I am looking forward to my last semester at Plattsburgh with nostalgia due to the great experiences I have had here. The experiences I have had make me feel well equipped to continue on with my master’s degree.”

Evelyn Jose Cordova

  • School Psychology Master’s Program
  • B.S. Psychology, SUNY Plattsburgh

Evelyn is from Long Island, N.Y. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh, and is now working toward her master’s degree in school psychology. She is currently a school psychology intern in the Boston Public School District, working with students at both the Boston Arts Academy and Fenway High School.

Evelyn’s interest in becoming a school psychologist began when she was an undergraduate. “I attended a career panel the psychology department hosted and I had a great discussion with Tracie McCarthy who is a school psychologist at Momot Elementary. Tracie was nice enough to let me shadow her for a couple of days and I loved the job. I did some additional research and learned that there’s a shortage of bilingual school psychologists and decided to apply to SUNY Plattsburgh. As a bilingual individual — I speak English and Spanish fluently — I wanted to be an asset to the Hispanic community, working collaboratively with families, community members and students who speak a second language.”

As an undergraduate, Evelyn had the opportunity to be a research assistant. “I was able to work closely with Dr. Patricia Egan, who is one of the founders of Nexus: A Social Competence Program for children and adolescents with autism. We worked together to create behavioral plans for students and progress monitored their behaviors. It was wonderful to participate in something that was related to my field.”

Evelyn feels she has been well-prepared to work as a school psychologist. “SUNY Plattsburgh’s school psychology program prepared me well for my internship year and future practice. My professors were supportive and open-minded, which was fantastic to me. Also, the previous cohort students in the school psychology program were so supportive and assisted myself and my cohort members.”

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