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Student Profiles

Hailey Parker — Psychology Major

Portrait of Hailey Parker

Hailey is a junior from Cadyville, N.Y. She is especially interested in studying the capabilities of the brain. “I think that it is strange that everyone knows so little about the organ that runs their lives, so I wanted to know more. After graduation, I hope to go on to graduate school, and maybe become a cognitive or developmental neuroscientist. I just hope to help people a little more every day through the research that I conduct.”

Choosing Psychology

Hailey began as a biology major, but ultimately decided that psychology was her passion. “I knew that psychology was really the place where I could truly learn about what I love. The staff in the psychology department were so friendly and made the change so easy, and my new advisor was, and still is, great.”

Supportive Faculty

“Every professor I have had as a psychology major has always been willing to help me, whether that be during office hours, over email, just walking into their offices, or scheduled appointments. The availability of my professors and the fact that they actually care how I am doing is one of the best experiences I have had as a psychology major. I look forward to conducting research with the same professors that have taught me so much.”

Jenna Earle — Psychology Major

Portrait of Jenna Earle

Jenna is a first-generation student from Queensbury, NY. She is a senior at our branch campus in Queensbury. "I chose to pursue a degree in psychology in order to learn more about what makes people who they are. I've always been interested in learning about the uniqueness and the similarities of all individuals. I feel that psychology is the best way to learn about others and ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves and be supportive of the people around us."

Career Goals

Jenna plans to complete a master’s degree in higher education after finishing her bachelor’s degree in psychology. “I want to help students like myself who felt lost when they first transitioned into a college community. I think that having a degree in psychology will be beneficial for me to help students on college campuses. Ultimately I would like to stay in NY and work at a SUNY school.”

Hands-on Experience

“At the branch campus we have such amazing opportunities to use our knowledge in a hands-on way. My favorite part of the SUNY Plattsburgh psychology program has definitely been Service Learning that was run by Dr. Jennifer Bremser in my Psychology of Women class. Last spring we completed a service learning project to benefit Make A Wish Northeast New York, and it gave me the chance to use the tools that I've learned from the psychology program to help the people in our community. I look forward to continuing to build my skills and knowledge throughout this year and of course for graduation in May.”

Sarah Titherington, NCSP —

School Psychology Graduate Program Alumna

Photo of SarahSarah is a Plattsburgh native and the first in her father’s family to be born in the US. She completed her degree in our school psychology program and now works as the school psychologist at a local elementary school.

Why School Psychology?

Before beginning graduate school, Sarah volunteered with children with autism at an equine therapy farm and loved the work. As an undergraduate, she completed an internship with a local school psychologist, and discovered how much she enjoyed assessment — she says it makes her “feel like a detective!” This led her to pursue a career in school psychology.

School Psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh

Some of the program’s highlights for Sarah included getting to know her fellow graduate students, working with faculty and staff who “go above and beyond” for the students, networking with local school psychologists and past students, and gaining a deeper understanding of her local community. “I cannot say enough positive things about this program! The expertise of the faculty and their willingness to help us succeed is empowering, as their support is genuine and uplifting… As a Plattsburgh native I’m a bit biased, but having the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain as the backdrop to the school psychology program certainly helped lighten the load and provided ample de-stressing opportunities.”

Career Preparation

“I cannot express enough how much this program prepared me for my current work.” Sarah began by working with the Nexus program, working closely with Dr. Egan to better understand the dynamic make-up of children with autism spectrum disorders and how to best address behavioral concerns. She appreciated the hands-on experience that begins in the first semester — “Working in the local schools helped me to better understand what a school psychologist does and how best to handle the workload.” She also found that the assessment classes provided her with guided practice and confidence in her own abilities. “Everything that we were exposed to throughout the graduate program has been incredibly useful in helping me begin my career as a school psychologist with the proper skills and confidence that are needed in this very demanding field.”

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