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Use the Scientific Method to Study Behavior

Gain skills and experience in our clinics and research facilities.

Psychology Department

Welcome to the SUNY Plattsburgh Department of Psychology. We offer an undergraduate major or minor in psychology and a graduate program in school psychology.

In our undergraduate program, you will learn about psychology as a scientific discipline, preparing you for work or graduate study in a diverse range of fields. Please visit our psychology major page to learn more.

School psychology graduate students earn the M.A./C.A.S. in school psychology. Our NASP-accredited program provides carefully focused knowledge and training in school psychology, following the scientist-practitioner model. You will work closely with individual faculty members, and become eligible for certification as a school psychologist in New York state. More information can be found on our school psychology graduate program page.

During the college’s open house events, prospective students can attend a psychology-specific information session. You are also welcome to visit our department during any time of the year — please contact the department chair if you would like to arrange a visit.

Services & Community Outreach

The psychology department hosts the campus-wide Center for Neurobehavioral Health, which provides numerous services to the community. Both graduate and undergraduate students gain invaluable community service and research experience through assisting with these programs. Affiliated clinics include:

  • Neuropsychology Clinic and Psychoeducational Services
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Center
  • Nexus Program for children with autism spectrum disorders


Psychology majors can find answers to many common questions in the student handbook. This handbook provides detailed information about classes, expectations, internships, career options, graduate school, and more. Hard copies are also available in the psychology department main office.

Student Clubs

  • Psi Chi: The International Honor Society

    The SUNY Plattsburgh chapter of Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology is a nationally recognized honor society that recognizes excellence in the field of psychology. By paying a one-time membership fee, you become a Psi Chi member for life and are eligible for numerous benefits associated with membership.

    Who is eligible to join Psi Chi?

    Psi Chi is open to undergraduate psychology majors and minors who are committed to the field of psychology by completing multiple psychology courses and who have demonstrated academic excellence by having a strong GPA (the specific GPA criterion varies by semester). Each semester, eligible students will be invited to apply, so please keep a lookout for an email invitation to apply for Psi Chi membership!

    Why join Psi Chi?

    Psi Chi membership looks great on your resume! Even more, being a member of Psi Chi gives you access to numerous opportunities, including:

    Past events

    • One-on-one meetings with faculty members to gain advice on career and graduate school goals
    • Graduate school preparation tips
    • Social events
    • Graduate school, career, and alumni panels

    Contact information

    More information about Psi Chi can be found on the main honor society website: https://www.psichi.org/

    Stay updated on our chapter of Psi Chi by following us on Instagram: @psichiplattsburgh

    If you have any questions about SUNY Plattsburgh’s chapter of Psi Chi, please contact the Psi Chi faculty advisor, Dr. Preeti Samudra ([email protected]).

  • Psychology Club

    The SUNY Plattsburgh Psychology Club is a student-run club funded by the Student Association. The club is discussion-based and meets biweekly, focusing on many interesting aspects of the field of psychology.

    Who is eligible to join the Psychology Club?

    All SUNY Plattsburgh students are welcome to join. We welcome all majors and all year levels — the best conversations come when different points of view are presented. You can show up to one meeting or all of them — we are always happy to have you there!

    What do we do?

    Past meetings have focused on topics ranging from the psychology of fear during Halloween to the interaction of love and psychology in mid-February. Other times, we have looked at the personalities of serial killers, studied OJ Simpson with the Criminal Justice Club, and conclude semesters with de-stress events. We have played Kahoot games, given out prizes, and hosted pizza parties! 

    Contact information

    Stay updated on our club activities by following us on Instagram (@suny_plattsburghpsychologyclub) and Facebook (SUNY Plattsburgh Psychology Club).

    If you have any questions about the SUNY Plattsburgh Psychology Club, please contact our faculty advisor, Dr. Richard Durant ([email protected]).

Awards & Scholarships

Departmental Awards & Scholarships

  • Award for Academic Excellence in Psychology

    Purpose: This award recognizes senior-level psychology students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement in psychology.

    Eligibility and Criteria

    • Full-time or part-time matriculated students who are completing their senior year (eligible to graduate, 120 credits minimum) majoring in psychology.

    • A minimum major GPA of 3.9 in psychology.

    • A minimum of nine credits completed in the major at SUNY Plattsburgh.

    • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

    All students meeting these criteria will be considered for this award, including December graduates.

    Deadline: First Friday after spring break.

Redcay Awards & Scholarships for Student–Faculty Collaboration

Awards for Psi Chi Members

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