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Scholarships for CEES Students

The following scholarships are available to students in environmental science, geography or geology. Unless otherwise noted, application materials can be picked up in the center office in 132 Hudson Hall.

All applications require:

  1. A letter describing your accomplishments as a student at SUNY Plattsburgh, your goals as a professional in your field, and description of how this award will help you achieve these goals.
  2. A complete transcript or Degree Works form.
  3. A letter of support from a center faculty member.

Deadline: Applications are due by March 11 in the Center for Earth and Environmental Science office in 102 Hudson Hall.

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. Scholarship (3–5 at $1,500 each)

Typically 3–5 $1,500 awards are given out each year to current center students, incoming freshmen and transfer students, and a student from Clinton Community College transferring to CEES at SUNY Plattsburgh. Students can reapply for subsequent years. Separate applications available in the center’s office, Hudson 132, and also sent to all current center students.

James A FitzPatrick Scholarships in Environmental Science (5 at $1,000 each)

Available only to seniors in the applied environmental science program at Miner Center. Open only to students residing at Miner and taking 12 credits in the AESP. Scholarship applications are included in the Miner AESP application materials. Selection based on merit.

CEES Sophomore Scholarship ($500)

Supported by CEES alumni. Second semester freshmen only should apply. Selection based on merit.

Gerhard Gruendling Undergraduate Research Award ($500)

Upper division CEES student participating in undergraduate research. Requires letter of support from research director and participation in undergraduate research credits. Selection based on merit.

New York Division of Women’s National Farm and Garden Association, Inc. Scholarship ($500)

Open to any environmental science, geography or geology student. Selection based on merit.

Hudson Endowment Scholarship ($750)

Upcoming senior in environmental science, geography or geology based on overall performance. Selection based on merit.

Craig Koste Scholarship (up to $1,500)

Available to a student doing undergraduate research or study in the field of alternative energy. Applications available in office of the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Hudson 101.

Anthony Santandrea Memorial Scholarship ($850)

SUNY undergraduate student to honor Mr. Santandrea’s love for the Adirondack Mts. and respect for the environment. Application materials available from the Office for Campus Life.

Peter Gore Scholarship ($800)

Applicant must have initiated a semester of study abroad in a Latin American country. Selection based on merit and need.

Beekmantown Environmental Education Award ($500–$1,000)

Environmental science or geography student participating in local land use planning, environmental education or field research. Selection based on merit and need.

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