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Dr. Michael Burgess


As a broadly trained systematic biologist, my research integrates the fields of evolution, bioinformatics, reproductive biology, ecology, and conservation biology. The tools I utilize include field studies, molecular phylogenetics, flow cytometry, quantitative morphology, and studies of reproductive biology and ecogeography. My broad interests and interdisciplinary training provide students ample opportunity to collaborate with me on research projects tailored to their passions and professional objectives. I encourage any student who is interested in organismal biology, ecology, and/or field biology to email me to discuss potential research projects. 

Along with teaching and academic and research advising, I serve as director of the PLAT Herbarium and the department’s greenhouse facility, coordinator of the botany minor, and advisor to the student Botanical Society. 

Following my undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire, I completed a master’s degree at Antioch University and then a Ph.D. at the University of Maine, where I focused on the systematics and evolution of the genus Amelanchier (rose family). Following my graduate work, I competed postdoctoral research in the botany department at the Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. — University of Maine
    • M.S. — Antioch University
    • B.S. — University of New Hampshire
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