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Voluntary Phased Separation Program

This Voluntary Phased Separation Program is designed to give eligible employees an opportunity for a phased approach to separation.

This program allows individuals to move into non-employment gradually through a voluntary reduction in work and commensurate reduction in pay. It also enables departments to plan for the replacement of long-term colleagues in advance of their actual separation.

Program Goals

  • Provide eligible employees with an opportunity to transition smoothly into non-employment by working a reduced obligation and developing other facets of their lives
  • Promote workforce succession planning by developing staff and considering internal promotions and reassignments
  • Assure the transfer of knowledge and institutional history to new employees through mentoring
  • Promote the renewal and vitality of both the employee and the college
  • Provide increased flexibility in staffing
  • Allow salary savings to offset the budget deficit


Full-time employees with at least ten years of full-time service at SUNY Plattsburgh and age eligible for their applicable retirement system at the time of separation.

The individual must hold a position that is reasonably able to reduce in a way that a portion of the job may be performed on a less than full-time basis without materially altering the expectations and responsibility inherent to the position and without adversely affecting the area or program. Participation shall be allowed only after a determination by the college president or his designee, in consultation with appropriate college officials, that part-time continued employment is manageable and beneficial to the college.

Program Details

This program is entirely voluntary. Eligible employees considering participation are encouraged to seek advice from their financial advisor, tax advisor, retirement system representative, local union representative, and Health Benefits Administrator regarding the effects of participation before making a decision.

Reduction in Time

Upon request of the employee, consideration of the vice president, and approval of the president, the Phased Separation Program will allow participants to reduce their work obligation (with commensurate salary) to 50%, 62%, or 75%, subject to the needs of the college. The associated workload/performance program will be established in consultation with the appropriate unit head (dean/director) and is subject to approval by the vice president. Employees must work at least 50% in order to remain health insurance eligible.

Negotiated Salary Increases

UUP represented program participants remain eligible for negotiated across-the-board salary increases but are not eligible for discretionary salary increases. Eligibility for any negotiated lump sum salary increases will be determined based on the contract language applicable to part-time employees. All salary increases, added to base and lump sum, for MC employees are discretionary payable at the discretion of the campus President.


Participants remain enrolled as active employees in all benefits programs, including retirement. For Optional Retirement Program (TIAA) participants, this means that retirement contributions made by the state on behalf of the employees will continue until retirement. The retirement contribution would be at the pre-phased retirement program percentage, but on a reduced salary.

For NYS Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) and NYS Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) participants, this means that they will continue to be reported to their respective retirement system. The service credit received will be pro-rated based on the appropriate work obligation percentage. Final average salary calculations are based on the three highest consecutive years of earnings.

There will be no change in health, dental, and vision coverage. Premiums for health insurance are established by the Department of Civil Service and are the same for full-time and part-time employees.

Vacation & Sick Leave

Participants will continue to accrue sick leave and/or vacation leave, but will earn on a part-time basis. UUP employees should reference Article 23 of the UUP Agreement.

Application Process

Employees wishing to participate in the Phased Separation Program must complete the Voluntary Phased Separation Program Application and forward it to their dean/director. Final approval of all requests shall rest with the president.

For planning purposes, please apply in a timely fashion.

Upon approval of the request, the employee will receive a written letter of understanding detailing the period of the reduced appointment and Phased Separation Program. The employee must sign the letter and return it with an irrevocable letter of resignation effective within either one or two years of beginning the Phased Separation Program, depending on which option is elected.

Voluntary Phased Separation Program Application 

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