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Employee COVID-19 Information

This page has been created to provide employees with information about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects upon them.

A Return to Normal Operations

Vaccine & Testing Requirements for Employees

While a vaccination requirement does not currently apply to faculty and staff, SUNY Plattsburgh faculty and staff are encouraged to get vaccinated to support the safety of our community. Information regarding vaccines can be found on the Clinton County Health Department's page.

Testing Access and Availability

  • Employees should contact their primary care provider or visit the New York State COVID-19 testing website for PCR testing availability.
  • At-⁠home tests are available for sale around the U.S. Check with local retailers and pharmacies to see where at-⁠home tests are available.
  • There are some locations that will provide no-cost testing to those individuals without health insurance.  Search here.

Reporting Requirements for Employees Who Test Positive

What type of leave accrual should I charge?

If an employee is sick…
The employee should stay home and charge sick leave accruals.

If an employee is not sick, but must care for a sick family member…
The employee should charge family sick leave (which is deducted from their sick leave accruals).

If an employee is not sick, but chooses to self-quarantine…
The employee should charge vacation or personal leave accruals with supervisor approval.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19…
If the employee can perform work at home and feels up to it, arrangements should be made with their supervisor to do so.

If the employee is unable to work from home or is too sick to do so, such employee shall charge the non-chargeable leave type, “Mandatory Quarantine”.*  Human Resource Services requires medical documentation of the positive test result, or an Affirmation of Isolation if an at home test is used, in order to use this non-chargeable leave type.

*Important Notice: Employees are only allowed to use a maximum of three quarantine periods due to COVID.  After this non-chargeable leave type is used for three separate instances, other leave will have to be charged for all further absences.

SUNY COVID-19 Information Page

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