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Instructions for Completing CP-3a Change In Status Form (Adjuncts)

This form is used to “reappoint” current adjuncts. Select the appropriate box (Reappointment or Clarify Spring Appointment). If the CP-3a being generated is superseding a previous CP form that has already been processed, the “Supersede” box should also be checked. 

Employee Information

  • Name: Indicate employee's legal name as it appears on his/her social security card.
  • SUNY ID: Indicate employee's SUNY ID.
  • Line Number: Indicate the employee's line number.
  • FTE (Full-Time Equivalent): Refer to the chart below, otherwise FTE will be determined by Budget and Financial Reporting Services based on work obligation.
    Teaching Credits Adjunct Lecturer FTE Teaching Credits Adjunct Lecturer FTE
    1 .03 7 .23
    2 .06 8 .26
    3 .10 9 .30
    4 .13 10 .33
    5 .16 11 .36
    6 .20 12 .40
  • Account Number: Department account number(s) where position is to be charged.
    • %: Indicate percentage to be charged to each account number, if using more than one account.
  • Department: Indicate employing department.
  • Supervisor: Indicate the employee’s current primary supervisor.
  • Budget Title/Grade: Must correlate with approved SUNY System Administration titles. (Reference the Job Specification Reference Guides or contact Human Resource Services)
  • Campus Title: Descriptive title applicable to SUNY Plattsburgh.  Only complete this field if it is different than the budget title. 
  • Appointment Type: Select the type of appointment – Temporary or Term. (Reference Board of Trustees policies Article XI, Titles A through G for definitions, if necessary)
  • Appointment Dates: Indicate the beginning and ending dates of the reappointment. Normally, the appointment dates will be the dates of the semester for a Temporary appointment and the dates of the academic year for a Term appointment. Contact Human Resources with questions.
  • Obligation Dates: In some instances, work obligation may differ from appointment dates. Only complete this field if it is different than the Appointment Dates. Contact Human Resources with questions.

Course Information

For Temporary appointments, indicate how many consecutive semesters s/he has worked prior to the current semester. Indicate course number(s) and course title, number of credit hours, and salary per course for all adjuncts. Total Compensation is the total amount to be paid for all courses listed.

Approvals/Signature Route

Upon completion of the signature approval section, HR will distribute copies to VP offices.


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