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Instructions for Completing CP-1 Form

This form is used when making an appointment outside of the Online Recruitment System (ORS). Contact HRS for assistance as most appointments must be made via the ORS. A CP-1 form should include a copy of the person’s resume, original transcripts and other credentials.

Appointment Type: Check one.

Employee Information

  • Name: Please indicate appointee’s legal name here, including middle initial.
  • SUNY ID: This # is generated after the person is entered in the SUNY payroll system and will be added by HRS.  Note: All employees must have a US social security number
  • Home Address: Please indicate appointee's home address here. Campus addresses are not acceptable
  • Home Phone: Please indicate appointee’s home telephone number here.
  • U.S. Citizen: Please indicate “yes” or “no”. (Human Resource Services will be responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation from the appointee)
  • Most Recent State Service: Please indicate the most recent semester or the last date employed by New York State. If employed with a state agency other than Plattsburgh State University of New York, please specify the name of the agency.
  • Prior Professional Service Credit Granted: Please indicate if such credit was granted at the time of the negotiation by selecting “yes ” or “no .” Prior Professional Service Credit granted must be indicated in the appointment letter.
  • Years Granted: If there has been Prior Professional Service Credit granted, please specify the number of years, up to a maximum of three years (reference Article XI, Title B, 3(d) and Title C, 4(a)(2)(c) of the Board of Trustees Policies).

Appointment Information

  • Department Name: Please indicate employing department here.
  • Line Number: Please insert line number, if known, or leave blank for completion by Budget and Financial Reporting Services.
  • Account Number: SUNY Plattsburgh account number(s) where position is to be charged.
  • Percentage: Please indicate percentage to be charged to each account number here, if using more than one account.
  • Supervisor’s Name: Please indicate the direct supervisor of the appointee here.
  • FTE: If full time use 1.0. If part-time academic, please refer to chart below, otherwise will be determined by Budget and Financial Reporting Services based on work obligation.
  • Budget Title/Grade: Must correlate with approved SUNY System Administration titles. (Reference the Job Specification Reference Guides or contact Human Resource Services)
  • Campus Title: Descriptive title applicable to Plattsburgh State University of New York.
  • Compensation: Please indicate amount of compensation and designate the appropriate time period here. If the period is other, please provide an explanation. 
  • Appointment Type: Please select one box on each line. (Reference Board of Trustees policies Article XI, Titles A through G for definitions, if necessary)
  • Appointment Effective: Please indicate the beginning and ending dates of the appointment here. If academic appointment, semester start date should be used.
  • Work Obligation: Please select one box and indicate active dates of service if “College Year” or “Other.” Work obligation may differ from appointment dates. “College Year” appointments are appropriate when a professional employee will work more than 10 months but less than 12 months. “Other” appointments are appropriate for employees whose obligation differs from the available categories.

Approvals/Signature Route: Route in order indicated. Upon completion of signature approval section, HRS will distribute copies to offices indicated on distribution list found at the bottom of the CP-1.

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