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Campus Fee Development & Management

All fees charged by SUNY Plattsburgh must be approved and on file with the Budget and Financial Reporting Office. This includes fees charged to students, employees, community members and other organizations. 

New Campus Fee & Fee Increase Process

In order to create a new campus fee or change an existing fee, the Campus Fee Request Form must be completed and submitted to the budget and financial reporting office. 

New and/or changed fee requests are to be submitted per the deadlines below:

Academic Term for Fee Implementation Request Due to Budget and Financial Reporting Office
Fall and Summer Terms Feb 15
Spring and Winter Terms July 15

Follow these steps

Fee Categories

The SUNY Fee Policy categorizes fees into three different categories: broad-based, mandatory, and campus-authorized. Broad-based fees appear on the student’s bill as a mandatory fee while mandatory and campus authorized fees appear on the student’s bill as either optional or other fees.

Broad-based and mandatory fees require SUNY approval.

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