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Campus Fee Process

Supports the operations and mission of SUNY Plattsburgh

All fees charged by SUNY Plattsburgh must be approved and on file with the budget and financial reporting office. This includes fees charged to students, employees, community members, and other organizations. New and/or changed fee requests are to be submitted per the deadlines below:

Academic Term for Fee Implementation Request Due to Budget and Financial Reporting Office
Fall and Summer Terms Feb 15
Spring and Winter Terms July 15


The Campus Fee Request Form must be complete and submitted to the budget and financial reporting office to request a change to an existing fee and/or to request a new fee.

Complete a Campus Fee Request

IFR Management Procedure


Fee Categories

The SUNY Fee Policy categorizes fees into three different categories: broad-based, mandatory, and campus-authorized. Broad-based fees appear on the student’s bill as a mandatory fee while mandatory and campus authorized fees appear on the student’s bill as either optional or other fees.

Broad-based and mandatory fees require SUNY approval.

Broad-Based Fees

Broad-based fees are generally charged to the majority of students enrolled at SUNY Plattsburgh in order to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body, excluding any and all activities that could be considered to be part of the “Core Operations” of the campus that are funded by tuition and direct/indirect state tax support dollars.

Mandatory Fee

Mandatory fees are authorized by the SUNY Board of Trustees to be charged in line with guidelines issues by the board of trustees following approval by the chancellor. The fees are charged due to a student’s action or inaction. Mandatory fees are charged either by a set dollar value or a dollar value range.

Campus-Authorized Fees

The board of trustees have authorized campus presidents, or their designees, to establish certain fees without approval by the chancellor or designee. Each of these fees must follow applicable guidelines and the requirements of state finance law, education law, and should only be established when appropriate campus specific guidelines and policies are put in place.

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