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External Review Panel Information

External Review Panel Assignments to Departmental Peer Review Groups

2019–2020 Panel Members

Department Assignments

Arts & Science

Anthropology S. Lemza    
Art T. Hartnett    
Biological Sciences M. Su    
Center for Earth/Environmental Science K. Podolak    
Chemistry K. Blough    
Communication J. Parker    
Computer Science P. Russom    
Criminal Justice K. Blough    
English/ESL D. Kenoyer S. Mansfield  
Gender and Women’s Studies M. Cusson S. Lezon  
History no files submitted    
Interdisciplinary Studies & Area Studies E. Guay F. Iturburu E. Ostry
Journalism & Public Relations J. Miano    
Mathematics P. Russom    
Modern Language & Culture E. Cohen    
Music T. Hartnett    
Philosophy no files submitted    
Physics J. Parker    
Political Science C. Lemza M. Cusson  
Psychology W. Peters    
Sociology Q. Lin    
Theatre J. Miano    

Library & Information Technology Services

Library & Information F. Iturburu    

School of Business & Economics

Accounting D. Mair    
Business & Supply Chain Management D. Maier    
Economics & Finance S. Light    
Hospitality Management K. Ckless  L. Eastwood J. Lee
MISA K. Ckless L. Eastwood J. Lee
Marketing & Entrepreneurship K. Ckless L. Eastwood J. Lee

Education, Health & Human Services

Communication Disorders E. Pater S. Lezon  
Counselor Education Q. Lin M. Su J. Miano
Expeditionary Studies D. Gordon E. O'Hara D. Altamirano
Nutrition & Dietetics D. Gordon E. O’Hara D. Altamirano
Human Develop. & Family Relat. E. Guay K. Podolak N. Scanlon-Rathbun
M.S. Education J. DeOndarza    
M.S.T. Education J. DeOndarza    
Educational Leadership D. Maier E. Ostry E. Pater
Nursing C. Shemo    
Social Work A. Mountcastle S. Light Q. Lin
Sport & Wellness A. Mountcastle N. Scanlon-Rathbun  
UG Teacher Education E. Cohen M. Cusson  
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