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External Review Panel Information

External Review Panel Assignments to Departmental Peer Review Groups

2018/2019 Panel Members

Department Assignments

Arts & Science

Anthropology E. Chrysostome    
Art M. Ciobanu    
Biological Sciences J. Bremser    
Center for Earth/Environmental Science K. Podolak    
Chemistry K. Lavoie    
Communication S. Mefferd Kelty    
Computer Science D. Gordon (fall) A. Mountcastle (spring)  
Criminal Justice L. Eastwood    
English/ESL D. Kenoyer M. Ciobanu  
Gender and Women’s Studies M. Cusson S. Lezon  
History S. Northshield    
Interdisciplinary Studies & Area Studies E. Ostry J. Hornibrook F. Iturburu
Journalism & Public Relations J. Miano    
Mathematics D. Gordon (fall) J. Deondarza (spring)  
Modern Language & Culture P. Egan    
Music T. Hartnett    
Philosophy no files submitted    
Physics S. Northshield    
Political Science C. Lemza M. Cusson  
Psychology W. Peters    
Sociology F. Iturburu    
Theatre J. Miano    

Library & Information Technology Services

Library & Information J. Deondarza    

School of Business & Economics

Accounting J. Laurent    
Business & Supply Chain Management W. Pfaff    
Economics & Finance W. Pfaff (spring) E. O'Hara (fall)  
Hospitality Management J. Miano S. Lezon P. Russom
MISA D. Kimok N. Duffy  D. Altamirano
Marketing & Entrepreneurship K. Ckless E. Chrysostome  

Education, Health & Human Services

Communication Disorders E. Pater M. Su  
Counselor Education P. Egan  M. Su  
Expeditionary Studies P. Russom E. O'Hara D. Altamirano
Nutrition & Dietetics P. Russom E. O’Hara D. Altamirano
Human Develop. & Family Relat. J. Hornibrook E. Guay K. Podolak
M.S. Education T. Friedrich    
M.S.T. Education T. Friedrich    
Educational Leadership T. Friedrich    
Nursing C. Shemo    
Social Work A. Mountcastle K. Ckless J. Miano
Sport & Wellness W. Peters L. Eastwood  
UG Teacher Education C. Oxford    
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