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Academic Employee Evaluation Review Procedures

Employee evaluations are an agreement between State University of New York College at Plattsburgh and United University Professions. The purpose of these evaluations is to appraise the extent to which an academic employee has met their professional obligation.

The review cycle is assigned as follows:

  • Cycle A: Full-time academic employees with initial one-year contracts in the first year of service — spring semester submission
  • Cycle B: Full-time academic employees with initial two-year contracts in the second year of service or employees with consecutive one-year contracts in the second year of service (second reappointment) — fall semester submission
  • Cycle C: Reappointment for full-time employees with two or more years service, continuing appointment and promotion below the rank of professor/librarian — spring semester submission
  • Cycle D: Promotion to professor or librarian — fall semester submission
  • Cycle E: *Part-time employees who only teach in fall semesters — fall semester submission
  • Cycle F: *Part-time employees who only teach in spring semester or who teach both fall and spring semesters — spring semester submission

*All part-time employees holding a term appointment are required to be evaluated every other year. All adjuncts holding a temporary appointment are evaluated every year.

Specific dates for submission and review are available in the evaluation calendar:

Required File Contents

Beginning in spring 2023 all faculty files will be submitted through the Watermark system. Information about using the system is available in the Watermark User Guides and Resources folder. For questions contact the Office of the Provost, [email protected].

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Past performance review recommendations and president’s decisions.
  • Employees are advised to include a self appraisal statement and evidence that addresses applicable criteria in accordance with the evaluation agreement.
  • Departmental Elaborations apply to the creation and evaluation of review files; a link is provided within the Watermark system.

Performance Evaluation References

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